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This is an easy to navigate website version of DRL where you can at least more easily read the articles in the correct order which I've also now grouped into categories. You know I never really intended this to become what it has, even though my first posting, 'Mission Statement', did come true I didn't know at that time if I would be able to see it through. My original intention and first order of business was to archive the James Stinson interviews which were even then already disappearing on the web. Since then I feel like I have achieved a lot in my enquires and expended far more words than I could have ever imagined on a group that still remains essentially an enigma.

It's well known that to immerse yourself in another subject which is separate from your day to day work life serves to re-energise your interest in the wider world. Certainly I have found this to be the case, for me its been great to take a break from my own concerns and delve into Drexciya's realm and I hope it has been the same for you also. Although like anything worthwhile it did take some effort at times which has borne some fruit in the discovery that there is indeed an important philosophical message contained in their music and mythos which is something we can take with us back into our everyday lives.

I'd also like to thank everyone for reading thus far and anyone that improved my articles by sending additional information, respect.

This Blog will still continue on in the same fashion but the website will also be updated with whatever new articles that appear here.

Stephen Rennicks

All communications via drexciyaresearchlab[at]eircom[dot]net

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I've come up with a DRL FAQ to help people out. Basically, when I'm dealing with such a mysterious and enigmatic grouping as Drexciya and Gerald Donald I am factual when I can be and speculative when I have to be.


Q 1. Why isn't Grava 4 Storm number 4?

A: Grava 4 is not storm number 4 because in the artwork for the Abstract Thought album it states that it is 'Drexciya Storm #4'. Grava 4 is also distinct from the other 7 albums because it is the only one which is not listed as being a Dimensional Waves production.


Q 2. The message you find in the Storm series, is that your opinion or is it really there?

A: It is my opinion, which I have always clearly stated, but there is a message which is there to be worked out.

Q 3:What is the basic message/story you get from the Storm series?

#1 Harnessed The Storm: Drexciya get metaphorically kicked out of the paradise of their underwater home because they forget the meaning of life and so begin a journey of rediscovery.

#2 Transllusion: They begin this journey by looking within and exploring their mental dimensions

#3 The Other People Place: Next they follow love in all its forms.

#4 Abstract Thought: They further stretch their minds by exploring 6 hypothetical situations.

#5 Lab Rat XL: They prepare their bodies for the physical trip home by carrying out 6 biological exercises.

#6 Transllusion - L.I.F.E.: They ultimately learn to overcome their fear of death, how to roll with the punches of life and remember the meaning of life, evolution. Paradise is regained at this point but now they go further.

#7 Shifted Phases: They can now begin the physical journey through space which ends in their final flux before they arrive at their long sought ultimate utopia, the Drexciya Home Universe they find in Grava 4.

For the details of each storm I would advise the close reading of the original articles and even following up some of the references I make for this speculative material.


Q. 4: Evolution is the meaning of life in the Storm series, please expand.

A: "Evolution is simply the capacity to register meanings that are already there. We are evolving into a universe that becomes progressively more fascinating as we learn to register new vibrations." -Colin Wilson.

More and more DRL makes sense to me as an on-going work in progress as the above more succinct interpretation of the Storm series was not evident to me the first time round. In trying to boil the meaning of each Storm down into one sentence this DRL FAQ (not a Drexciya FAQ) revealed the simplicity of their vital message. I could if I had the time rewrite each article and follow more closely just this theme but that would be to ignore the metaphor of the physical journey to Utopia which is also present through the series. This gradual approach might not be to everybody's tastes but as we grow older, have new experiences, even evolve, how can we ever write the last word on a subject or say that we have reached the end point of an investigation? One thing we do know for sure was that Drexciya told us 'Don't be afraid of evolution'. The universe is infinite and we are a part of this universe and so have the potential for exploring and even becoming infinity ourselves. This has to be our ultimate destiny, we may forget this from time to time and get kicked out of paradise but the curiosity of Man and his search for meaning in the world and wider universe is what has got us this far and is what will eventually take us the rest of the way.

Storm #2 through to #6 are all evolutionary steps, the series as a whole is a reminder of this process and reassures us not to be afraid of evolution.

Q 5: What did James Stinson himself say about meaning in the Storm series?

“They’re all linked, but there are very small, little links that you have to really listen to and even look at the titles or artwork that’s going to lead you to the next one and so forth and so on and you will see the cycle and the connection.”

“I suppose we’re trying to say ‘enjoy life’ with these albums. The world has become a dark place and it’s our job to entertain, make people happy and put the fun back in the music. That’s what Drexciya is about in the first instance and that’s why our concepts have become deeper lately. Sure, we’re political and deal with reality, but we also leave the door open so people can create, explore and go into their own world.”

Q 6: What story did you find in The Quest?

A: Again this was my own interpretation but firstly we are introduced to the underwater world of Drexciya and explore and adapt to it until we reach a point where we have to return home. Drexciya warn us that they are ‘going deep this time’ which makes this both a warning and a choice. It is not an easy journey but we make it by placing our trust in them. The quest ultimately lead us to discovering our true selves.


Q 7: Why are you sharing your interpretations with us?

I chose to share them for a number of reasons but primarily because I'm a conceptual artist and I applaud this when I recognize it in the work of others and because no one else had done any work on the subject it was too good a field of research to miss. I like people to question things and think for themselves, to look for the meaning or the lack thereof in whatever surrounds them in their everyday lives. If you have found something totally different or a variation on what I've found or nothing at all I respect your opinion. If it’s genuine for you it's as valid as anything I've come up with, take my speculations with a pinch of salt for sure, just make an informed decision about it for yourself.

It’s also worth pointing out that the beginnings of this endeavor was simply to compile all the James Stinson interviews as just another tribute page I guess and the rest just gradually grew like anything would when you post roughly every month. I am as surprised as anyone that I’m still doing it. I guess I continue because I am still getting a number of things from it. Like learning more about Drexciya and the subjects they seem to touch on; connecting with people; an escape, a break from my everyday routine and hopefully doing my small bit in keeping the name Drexciya out there. We shouldn’t take them for granted, give it enough time and people forget, their records are already out of press, a future without Drexciya would be a future worse off.



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