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 30 OCT 2004 -  NEWS!    I think I'll start with news on this page......

 9 NOV 2004 -  NEWS!    A new section named LINKS has been made!    No comics yet, though..... 

 10 NOV 2004 - NEWS!   Got a domain name now! http://www.drauden.tk     And Mortal Kombat page is up, with some Mortal History, images and other stuff....

 18 NOV 2004 - NEWS!   A new site on Links.   http://www.freewebs.com./torb20    And tomorrow is a big day in Norway! 

 19 NOV 2004 - NEWS!   Yes, you may have wondered why I said ''A big day in Norway''..... well, Deception finally reached PAL!  I won't get it today, though. But to every Mortal Kombat fans with a PS2 or a X-BOX...... GET IT NOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!

 16 DEC 2004 - NEWS!   Ending of ''Ermac's Job'' is in the box, and the start poster of  ''The Outworld Forces'' is also in the box! You thought I was dead, eh?

 3 JAN 2005 - NEWS!   Merry Christmas and have a happy new year! I have been a little lazy and I haven't made a comic for a while, but I have made my first fake and made a page named Fakes, so just pop yourself in and look.

 4 JAN 2005 - NEWS!   New fake made by me, but something was wrong with the file, so I hosted it first on ImageShack, then I got the link on my crappy site! 

 5 JAN 2005 - NEWS!   The intro of ''The Outworld Forces'' can now be found in the Comicspot.  And I will announce the total.... delete of the ''Ermac's Job'' serie. If you want to read just go to [{ombat's website, that you may find in the link page.

 12 JAN 2005 - NEWS!   Part one of ''Ouworld Forces'' has been created.  Also I have deleted the whole ''Ermac's Job'', so if you want to read it, just go to The [{ombat Pavilion, which you will find in the Link section..

 16 JAN 2005 - NEWS!   New comics to read....

 4 FEB 2005 - NEWS!   Episode 4 and 5 of Outworld Forces is out. ( yeah, like anyone cares.)

 1 MRS 2005 - NEWS!  One new comic.... anyone on this site?

 27 JAN 2006 -  NEWS! Haha, You guys thought I died, ey? I was caught in the WoW trance, so...  5 new comics and 1 new fake! Enjoy! Merry christmas and a happy new year, by the way!

 28 JAN 2006 -  NEWS! I forgot that I even had a page called Mortal Kombat. I've made some story and cheats for Mortal Kombat 1 there. Check it out!


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