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Moving Websites, Part II

Posted by dragonflydesignsbyalisa on May 25, 2016 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Okay, remember I told you I was moving? I am. But I'm changing the location of where I'm moving to. Sorry for the confusion, folks, but I'm still figuring this out myself!

Instead of consolidating my websites together into one, I've decided to keep the costuming separate, just not here, on this pricey and annoying platform. You can find all my future costuming here:


I have transfered over all the important stuff over from here - although some links may be broken, and things won't be perfect for a little while, as I settle in.  But from now on, ALL costuming will be there. I won't be back to this site anymore.

I'm moving my website!

Posted by dragonflydesignsbyalisa on May 16, 2016 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (0)

This hosting website has been a pain in the butt to update lately, and it's expensive to run, too.  Since I'm no longer doing as much costuming now as I have in the past, I've decided it's simply not worth it to continue to maintain this site.

Don't worry, though, I AM going to continue costuming, and I AM going to continue blogging about it. It just won't be here.

It will be on this page:

https://dragonflydesignsbyalisa.wordpress.com/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://dragonflydesignsbyalisa.wordpress.com/

I'm still in the process of getting everything set up, so it may be a little chaotic for a bit.  I'm working on a pair of 1830s corded stays right now, so that will probably be the first project I post about.

Anyway, thank you for being a follower and supporter of this website, and I hope you'll follow me over to my new costuming corner! :)

Dress for Sale!

Posted by dragonflydesignsbyalisa on March 6, 2016 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Just a quick note to let all of you know: I'm selling one of my costumes.  It's the Blue Victorian, the one in this video:

Video of Dress

Listing for dress on Etsy

Boggart Snape, Crimson Peak, and Cinderella

Posted by dragonflydesignsbyalisa on February 12, 2016 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (3)

Waylaid by an early Spring (why do I think I'll have time to sew in early Spring???) I have just only this week had time to work on the Boggart Snape costume. But at least the suit is (mostly) finished.  More pics over on its page, under "Film Costumes". The weird seafoam green color is my camera, NOT the actual color. Gah.

Also under "Film Costumes" is a new page for the the canary yellow Crimson Peak dress. I fell in love, folks. I am so much in love, that I am actually planning a trip to LA to see this dress in person.

And also on display at FIDM, are the Cinderella costumes. Now, I can recognize Cinderella's big puffy blue ballgown is a marvelous work, but it doesn't actually appeal to me on a personal level. I wouldn't want it. What I would want, is the pink floral dress the stepsister wears.

I think it is just the cutest thing. And the bonnet!

What put me off any idea of making it, though, was the problem of finding fabric. It's a VERY specific fabric, and I knew I'd never be happy with an approximation. But then I found those FIDM pics, and discovered this:

That looks like paint, folks. Granted, it's probably printed, and just LOOKS like paint...but I could paint that. So maybe, someday, after I finish all this backlog of costuming I currently have, if I still love this dress...maybe I'll get some pink fabric and try painting this design.

Boggart Snape

Posted by dragonflydesignsbyalisa on December 4, 2015 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I KNEW there was something I was forgetting in my Plans for 2015/2016 post!


Boggart Snape! See my new page to the left, under "Film Costumes".

Plans for 2015/2016

Posted by dragonflydesignsbyalisa on November 22, 2015 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Over to the left, under the heading "Film Costumes" you'll find something new. I've decided to make a version of a LOTR Elven Gown.  Nothing's happened yet, but an impulse purchase of silk velvet, but I'll keep you updated over there.

Now that's back from traveling and ready to start serious sewing again, I thought I should let you know what's first on the list. Other than the above impulse buy, I really want to work on finishing several costumes that have been in various stages of completion for some time.

1: Dolores Umbridge. That one is basically done, it's mainly just accessories.

2: Femme Severus Snape. I have the fabric for the suit, and I've started working on the muslin.

3: Steampunk 1840 Queen Victoria. A version of this blue dress, only with my own twist. I have the fabric, but first I need to make undergarments.

4: Marvel's Black Widow. This one scares me to death, since it's stretch fabrics and bodysuits, and everything I have no experience with. But I have the fabric, and a pattern, so it WILL get done.

5: 1920s Loki. Partly sewn, but there's lots of work for the accessories I want, AND I'm just not feeling it at the moment, so it's pushed back a bit. But I hope to get it done by the end of 2016.

6: The Raven. This is the one using all the scraps of black fabric and things you guys were so generous as to send me. I DID start work on it, but then it got pushed back due to various other commitments I made.  It's going to take a lot of hand sewing and embroidery, so I need to get some of the pieces blocked out so I can work on it a little at a time while I watch tv. Plus, I keep changing my mind about what exactly I want to do, which doesn't help!

7: The Hogwarts Grey Ghost. I most likely won't start this one until 2017, but I'd like to start collecting fabrics, and patterns, and sketches. This one will be a HUGE undertaking, because I want to hand paint the skirt designs, and embroider all the bodice and sleeves myself. If any of you see a very thin, transparent fabric (like a cotton gauze?) that is grey with threads of silver or a silver sheen to it, let me know. It needs to have more weight to it than a chiffon, and less "bounce". I need to be able to shred the heck out of it, and have it hold together.

Dolores Umbridge

Posted by dragonflydesignsbyalisa on November 6, 2015 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (2)

The Dolores Umbridge costume is officially underway!  Check out Film Costumes: Dolores Umbridge in the menu to the left.

Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff

Posted by dragonflydesignsbyalisa on October 29, 2015 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)

It's fantastic, guys. If you're a fan, and you're ever in the UK, I highly recommend a trip here. I did a small write up about it on my other blog, here:


It was particularly great for a costumer, because none of the costumes were behind glass, and, while they didn't allow you to actually touch any of them, you were free to stick your camera as close as you wanted, and in most cases, you could walk all the way around them.

All the pictures I took are here: 


All the Doctors' clothes where here, including Ten. Guys, you can't imagine how difficult it was not to reach out and touch!!!!

And River.

And many of Clara's costumes, including one of her Victorians.

Also Missy!

The Queen (which I was much more impressed by in person!)

And River. Who was sadly hard to photograph from the back, because of the way the lighting was.

Her dress, by the way, is a lightweight poly stretch.

My surprise favorite of the costumes, though, was the Red Dress worn by the cybermen's queen.

It's officially added to the list of Things I Want to Make Someday. Just look at the pretty!

One thing I found interesting about the whole Experience was how few kids where there. It was almost all adults, of all ages. I found that just cool. I love things like Doctor Who and Harry Potter that bring people of all ages together!

And there was something else I was going to tell you...but I forgot what it was...

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Posted by dragonflydesignsbyalisa on October 18, 2015 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)

One of the most amazing things I did was visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. It's a vast, incredible collection of about every costume and prop used in the Harry Potter films, as well as many of the actual film sets.  If you're in the London area, it's a must-see.

I took around 500 pictures while I was there, and I've uploaded them here, if you care to have a look. 

It was great to be able to see some of the costumes in person that I intend to recreate one day.  The Grey Lady (which is a for-sure!) Fabric shopping is beginning for this one already. I have samples in the mail....

And Dolores Umbridge. Hate her. Love her clothes. Love to cosplay evil gits.

Tonks.  Fellow Hufflepuff!

Snape. I've always wanted to do his actual movie costume, but after seeing his Boggart costume, I really, really want to do that one too.

I mean, look at this cat stole????

Ron's Dress Robes. I don't know why. I just love this.

I also blogged about visiting here on my other blog. Interested?https://liselfwench.wordpress.com/2015/10/18/warner-bros-studio-tour-harry-potter/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Read it here.

I'm back!!!!

Posted by dragonflydesignsbyalisa on October 15, 2015 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (1)

My trip to Iceland, the UK, and Venice was completely fabulous, and I'm blogging about it on my other site: www.liselfwench.wordpress.com

I'll also be doing a series of posts here, that are more costume-y.  First up, I'll like to share the pictures I took in Bath. I booked a session at the Study Facilities at the Fashion Museum. It's completely free; you just book ahead, tell them what types of fashion/eras you're interested in, and they pull out a selection for you to examine. It's amazing, guys.  They just spread the dresses out on a table, give you white cotton gloves, and leave you to it.  I still can't believe they let me handle all these wonderful things!

I asked for beetlewing embroidery, and 1830s dresses.

The first dress was red, and covered in the most spectacular beetlewings. There wasn't a date on it, just a note that it was silk, and made in India.

For the rest of the pictures (of all the costumes), click here.

Second was the most delicate beetlewing skirt. The notes say it was made of cotton, in India. BATMC 1.19.42 

Third, a beetlewing purse. 1820-1830, silk  BATMC V1.01.269

Fourth, 1833-1837 Day Dress.  Woven wool, with printed design. BATMC 1.09.996

Fifth, a silk and net gold embroidered dress from 1830. BATMC 1.09.1400

This one wasn't even pulled for me, but I saw the box with its printed description, and commented that it sounded lovely. She said they don't usually show this one because of its fragility, but she brought it out anyway. Guys. I can't believe they just let me handle these things! I mean, they know nothing whatsoever about me, other than my name!

Sixth: 1837 Day Dress. The sleeves were put in in the 1840s. Silk, woven taffeta. BATMC 1.09.1001

Seventh: 1836-1840 Evening dress, woven silk. BATMC 2005.49

Eighth: 1833-1837 Evening dress, silk, woven. BATMC 1.09.1286

Ninth: 1836-1841 dress printed cotton BATMC 1.09.2884

Tenth: 1832-1836 Dress. Wool and silk, woven. Silk brocade stripe in textile. BATMC 1.09.993

Eleventh: 1835? Cotton dress, printed. BATMC 1.09.995

I had two hours, and I took as many photos as I could. This last one was my favorite 1830s dress - it was such a pretty print, and very lovely.

Anyway, there you are, and if you're ever in Bath, I highly recommend booking some time at the Study Facilities.

All the rest of the photos are here.