A Realm of Dagorhir

Dragonspire Realm Achievments

          Dragonspire is a realm of the Dagorhir organization that is intended to help you learn about Dagorhir and how to play the game. Dragonspire is also a place for people to show off their handiwork and experiment in the crafts that would have been used to make things in the medieval time period or earlier.
Dragonspire is not a realm that has a strict hierarchy and a way to win a lot of awards, there are realms that do that and we will help you find them if you like.
Garb Standards and Borrowing Gear

Dragonspire requires all participants to own and wear garb and equipment. We are willing to loan such gear as is needed to help train and encourage new members for a short period of time. There are some points of courtesy that must be observed when using borrowed equipment.

1)      Always ask if something can be borrowed, even if you used it before.

2)      Do not count on being allowed the use of any members equipment, it takes time and money to acquire and maintain gear and it is no fun to have it broken, less so if it was by someone else.

3)      Never rest the point of a weapon on the ground, it damages the foam and may push the core through.

4)      If the owner wants their equipment back return it without hesitation.

5)      If you borrowed items help the owners get them loaded at the end of the day’s activities.

We are happy to let potential members use our realms equipment for up to 4 practice sessions. During this time the new member is expected to be acquiring their own equipment. Many members will help you but it is only right that they ask to be paid for their materials and efforts.

After the 4 practice grace period it is required to pay a $1 rental fee to use any single piece of gear that is owned by the realm (loaner weapons). It is up to each member to decide whether to loan their gear freely or charge whatever fee they deem appropriate.

No one is required to loan their equipment to anyone.

Anyone that is not in garb after the grace period is limited to using single blue weapons only. If ANY Dagorhir member that has been participating for more than 3 months shows up without garb they will not be allowed on the battle field.

Dragonspire also encourages garb for the non-combatants as well, fighters put a lot of effort and pride into their appearance to help maintain the feel of our fantasy game and it is made better by all members making the same effort.

‘Monster’ persona is not an excuse for torn tee shirts and otherwise crappy garb. If you are a monster then depict yourself as a successful one and put effort into something that will define your monsterness.

Feast Gear

Oft times the member neglects their non-fighting activities, notably feasting. It is required at events to provide your own dishes and utensils. This is to enhance the ambience of the evening’s meal. It is also a good idea to have some clean garb on hand to change into, rather than sit next to someone with muddy and smelly cloths (yes even monsters, just because they are ugly does not mean they should not be clean).

The point of all this is so you can, at any time, locate a Dagorhir event anywhere and participate without any hesitation. We train hard and strive for a higher standard in gear to best represent our realm, unit and friends
Realm Achievements

There have been introduced a set of achievement badges designed to recognize what each member has done and to encourage them to be more active. You will notice that these are recognitions for things you will want to be doing in any case but it is nice to have someone notice and say ‘Thank you’.

These are generally given by the realm leader at an awards ceremony. These occur on the weekend closest to the first day of Spring and the first day of Autumn. It is important that each member let the realm leader know, in writing, if some one has achieved one or more of these activities. One person cannot be expected to keep abreast of what everyone has been doing and we should all be helping each other.

 Here are descriptions of the badges and their significance. Pictures will be posted soon so each will be easy to recognize and reproduce

Dragon’s Scale: A field of overlapping scales, for acquiring your garb and equipment. This is likely the most important because you can’t participate at events with out these things.

Dragon’s Wing: A single Dragon wing, for attending your first day event in another realm.

Dragon’s Wings: A pair of Dragon wings, for attending your first weekend event and staying for the duration. Immersing yourself in an event for a weekend is a unique experience.

Veteran of Ragnarok: A runic ‘R’ on a black background. Given for attending the event Ragnarok, this huge event will give you a very different perspective on what Dagorhir can be.

Dragon’s Heart: A red heart on a black background. This is something special that the realm leader gives for some sort of service to the realm that goes above and beyond the usual activities.

Marks of Valor: Established by Sir Sinaqq, a colored slash across a contrasting background. This is a unique badge because it can be given by any member at any time to any member if they are observed doing something exceptional. It may be an amazing feat of daring or heroics on the battle field. It may also be for things non-combat related. It is difficult to define such deeds so it is up to each individual to judge things as they see fit. There is no limit to the number of Marks of Valor that can be earned so each individual should equip themselves with several unique badges that they can give to other members as they see fit.

As you can see, what you do makes you what you are. Fighting is the biggest draw but we want a realm that lets our other skills get used as well. As the membership grows we will all help each other so we will have a realm we can really be proud of.

To learn more about Dagorhir go here: www.dagorhir.com

Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Dagorhir-DragonSpire/88059028025?ref=sgm

Battel Field Achivements

Some times a person becomes renowned for their deeds on the battle field. These people contribute in unique ways and it is up to the members of the realm to recognize this.

Dragon’s Claw: This is a solid member of the realm that can be constantly relied upon to maintain unit cohesion and be a support to the other members of the realm in the thick of battle.

Dragon’s Flame: This member of the realm can be relied upon to provide effective support with ranged weapons. Their use of Bow, Javelin or Rock can be counted upon to turn the tide of battle in Dragonspire’s favor.

Dragon’s Tooth: These individuals use their aggression and skill to cause havoc on the opposing ranks. Breaking shields, flanking and drawing off opposing fighters to allow Dragonspire to be victorious should be their usual occupation.

These achievements were once part of the original military rank structure but it was decided in 2012 to make them achievements. This let us smooth out the rank structure and still keep these in play as much deserved recognitions for outstanding capabilities.

The Nobel Orders of Dragonspire

A quick note, Orders are a high level of achievement, they do not confer rank and privilege but they do indicate that the person has put forth additional effort. They may be viewed as a source of knowledge and inspiration, use them as teachers and guides, either officially or otherwise and benefit from their experience. Orders based on non-combat arts are also possible, these are in the works as this is being written.
The Nobel Order of the Knights of Dragonspire
The purpose of this Order is to encourage the development of fighting prowess and greater participation in Dragonspire, Dagorhir and other foam fighting events. The candidate must...

1)...have garb for both on and off of the battle field. Specifically, two tunics, two pairs of breeches (or other garb appropriate to their persona). Footwear that is not overtly modern.

2)...acquire gear suitable for feasting. A bowl, plate, drinking vessel, fork, knife and spoon. All are to appear as ‘non-modern’.

3)...have their own weapons. A blue weapon, a red weapon and another type of weapon of their choice. They must also possess a war shield. Armor and lesser shields are not required but will benefit the candidate in combat.

4)...display the emblem of Dragonspire on their battle field garb as well as a coat of arms unique to themselves.

5)...perform weapon check and act as herald at Dragonspire as well as other events.

6)...perform the following feats of combat at events (an event is defined as an advertised foam fighting event where the expectation is to have members of diverse realms in attendance. A home realm event is acceptable; a local practice does not count as an event for these purposes.).
a) Fight duels with ‘blue and shield’ against twenty different opponents from different realms. The opponents must be veterans of at least three years. Tournaments and pickup battles are both acceptable.
b) Fight duels with ‘red’ against twenty different opponents from different realms. The opponents must be veterans of at least three years. Tournaments and pickup battles are both acceptable. c)Fight duels with a third weapon form (spear, archery, dual weapons...) of their choosing twenty different opponents from different realms. The opponents must be veterans of at least three years. Tournaments and pickup battles are both acceptable.
d) Fight with ‘blue and shield’ in ten battles, of ten or more per side, against opponents from different realms.
e) Fight with a ‘red’ weapon in ten battles, of ten or more per side, against opponents from different realms. f)Fight with a weapon form of their choosing other than ‘red’ or ‘blue and shield’ in ten battles, of ten or more per side, against opponents from different realms.

 Once you have completed these trials you will be entered into the Order. The symbol of a Knight of Dragonspire is a parti-colored battle tabard with the left side green, displaying the emblem of Dragonspire; the right side is a color of the Knight’s choosing and will display their personal emblem. The Knight’s shield may be decorated in the same way. The tasks are not intended to be raced through; the journey is the worthier part. Nor are they to be dawdled over. Keep a log of your achievements so you can look back and recall the things you have learned along the way. Once you become a member of the Order your journey is beginning anew. You will always be looked to as source of knowledge and a practitioner of martial skills; you will be expected by those you meet to live up to those standards at every event you attend.

This order was officially recognized by King Sir Istvan and Queen Beringaria on April 14 2012. The Principles of the order are, Sir Quinton, Sir Sinaqq, Sir Avestian, Sir Sarcin, Sir Istvan. All have achieved the above tasks and more.

The Story of Dragonspire

I thought it would be fun to let you know what I think the realm of Dragonspire is like.

We are a walled town with a gate at each point of the compass. In the past the dread wurm Razimund would raid and we eventualy raised many spears on our roofs, walls, lamp posts, wagons, you name it. The dragon, being lazy and fearful of being peirced, Razimund eventualy left us alone.

In the mountains is an old mine that gave forth of every imaginable sort of metal and gem known to be found under the earth. It is not spent but it is sealed off because a new, deep level was opened and it began to give forth monsters. Mermeclion were the first but a horrid species we call the Drell began to appear. They are a hidieous sort of thing looking like a cross between an arachnid and a human, details are sketchy because none that have seen them closely return to tell the tale.

It is now thought that a demon was cast down and pinned beneath the mountain. The deep mining roused it and it began to corrupt otherwise normal creatures and men into monsters to torment the decent people of the world.

Website Link:  http://www.rambles.net/dickinson_dragons.html

Land between the lands

  • Aethenu - Hebron, Indiana
  • Camp Ethalon - West Lafayette, Indiana
  • Dragonspire - Terre Haute, Indiana
  • Dunland – Brazil, Indiana
  • Fangorn Forest - Evansville, Indiana 
  • Legion of the Dragoons - Ft. Wayne, Indiana 
  • Mittelmarch - Indianapolis, Indiana  
  • Stormhaven - Muncie, Indiana  
  • Eryndor - Toledo, Ohio; Oakland & Monroe Michigan