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3DNA (Paid) Worlds

Here are some worlds for 3DNA that you'd most likely be hard pressed to get anywhere else....... (need the registered version of 3DNA for them to work)

Click on the name of the world to download;

1. Beach World

(Link should be working now, please post in the forums section if you have problems with this, or any, file.)

(screenshot taken by nickk,

2. Elite Castle

3. MSI Village

4. Chateau

5. Verto

6. Undersea Lab (link removed)

3DNA (Free) Worlds

Since the links to the worlds over at the 3DNA site appear to be dead I'm putting them up here for anyone who wants them.

1. Loft (Includes the complete 3DNA v1.1 desktop program)

2. Basestation

3. Mercury

4. Villa

5. Xenon

6. MusicDotCom (Beta)

This is the beta world for 3DNA that never made it to the big time, but it is functional. Since it is still a beta however be aware that it WILL have bugs.

My Skybox & Theme Downloads for 3DNA

Here is my (I think) entire collection of skies and themes for 3DNA. For simplicity I'm zipping all related items together so the files may be quite large for dial up users, if you need them in smaller chunks please let me know.

1. Static Skies

This is pretty much all the statics I made for 3DNA, hope you will enjoy them.

2. Dynamic Skies

I'm missing a couple here that I guess are gone forever now, but this should be enough to get you by. You will need the paid version of 3DNA to use these.

3. Themes

Here is my collection of themes I made, the last word past the underscore (ie - _castle, _villa, etc.) indicates what world it is for.

Gothic Downloads:

1. G1 In Extremo Mod

If you have any other version of G1 other than the German one, then In Extremo will not show up in Chapter 2 to perform, this file fixes that.


Discovery Cove:
A wallpaper I made with Vue d' Esprit and PSP you can find here.

Saturn Station:
A space themed wall I made with Vue and Poser, you can find it here.

Realm of the Wyrm:
A fantasy wall done in Vue and again with Poser objects, you can grab it here.