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Grey Matters. It's time to wake your brain cells up.

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Welcome to the official site of the DPS VK Quiz Club

This is it. The official site of the DPS VK Quiz Club. THE most happening place for quizzing action, especially for DPS VK students.

DPS VK Quiz Club is widely considered to be among the best quiz clubs around, with many illustrious members. A short description of the pages on this site, hope this smoothens your navigation.  Just browse around soaking in the atmosphere, or have a look at the list below and see where you need to go.
  • Home: Our Home Sweet Home Page (you're viewing it right now). www.dpsvk.co.nr
  • Members: Have a look at the geniuses who make up this group. Includes pics, profiles, and nonsense sent in by these illustrious members. Loads of boasting here, watch out!
  • Resources: Links to affiliated sites, and some interesting quizzing resources. A must-visit for all quizzing enthusiasts. We promise that you'll be exhausted but delighted after going through all the repositories of information listed here.
  • Hall Of Fame: A list of the achievements of the Quiz Club. Must visit.
  • Contact Us: Anything you want to tell us, regarding quizzes, mistakes on this site, iPod giveaways, or Bill Gates committing suicide? Or in case you're a brilliant guy whom we MUST have on team. We've a form on this page JUST for all this, so that you can contact the quiz team.

About Us

The DPS VK Quiz Club was formally initiated in the year 2004, with the objective of encouraging young talent towards quest for knowledge. We later revamped its organisational setup recently in 2006, with a new tagline Grey Matters, to signify the importance of our grey (brain) cells in life. We believes that quizzing can be used as a fun and interactive tool to spread knowledge among the student community, and actively works towards that goal.

Although it is among the 'youngest' clubs in the school, members of the Quiz Club have represented the school in a number of prestigious inter school quiz competitions, and given some tough competition to other major quiz teams. We regularly conduct internal quizzes for our members and other school students.

The DPS VK Quiz Club has also pioneered the use technology for aiding learning, by starting a website dedicated to quizzing. We are proud to state that it is one of the first quiz clubs in the country, and definitely in New Delhi, to have a website. Online quizzes are frequently held, and material related to various inter school quizzes made available for downloading by all. Nowhere else would you find a site which makes available question papers of major quizzes, and other quizzing related resources, as soon as possible. We believe that knowledge is something to be shared in a fun way, and not hoarded.

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