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Please read the related pages for our terms and conditions.

Orders for our honeybees are taken throughout the winter and picked up during May and June. We are proud to offer several unique breeds. We take great effort to maintain each breed's traits, we do our best to prevent cross breeding through isolated matting yards, and drone gates. We use natural mating, so a limited amount of genetic blending may occur. Bees you purchase from us will be as true genetically to the breed you select, to the best of our abilities. We often offer queens with less than 10% cross mated genetics. Note, when ordering Cordovan, lightness will vary.

By ordering bees from us you acknowledge bees sting, and some people who are allergic may die from being stung. You accept all risk associated with owning bees and potential medical issues. Consulting your physician and researching EpiPens are good pre-steps to ordering bees.

We do not use any chemicals on our hives. The only treatments we use are essential oil, powder sugar, requeening, drone frames and a screened bottom board. This helps us breed for hygienic genetics without dependency on man made treatments to survive.

Please note bees, like growing crops, are weather dependent. There are many things that could delay a crop or delay bee production.

If you are a beekeeper who finds one of their hives queenless we would like to help, but do not keep queens sitting around like spare tires. Queen rearing take a great deal of planning, hive manipulation, labor, good weather, and a bit of luck. It takes 40 days from the time a new queen is laid as an egg before she is fully ready to be queen. If there are queens in the development process that are not reserved, we will let you know what we have. Queen availability can change from one week to the next.

Becoming a beekeeper is not for everyone. It is possible a new beekeeper will have their hive die their first three years in a row. A new beekeeper should be prepared for this, and the costs associated with their replacement. Additionally, a new beekeeper should seek to expand their bee education. Education may help prevent more hive losses.

2013 Live Bee Prices


Our breeding seeks to maintain genetic diversity, while slowly improving desired traits. Each year we obtain queens from breeders north of us who maintain excellent breeding programs of their own. As many commercial queens come from the same mother, this is a critical breeding practice. More about our breeding program...

 Breed Price
 Cordovan Italian (Marking Included) $35

USPS Express (continental US only) 1 - 7 queens $24 for first queen plus $2 per additional queen.  All express orders will be given an estimated ship date.

USPS Priority (NJ, PA, CT, DE and NY) 1 - 7 queens $11 for first queen plus $2 per additional queen.

Shipped at buyer's risk, no refund or replacement for death; any refund must be covered by the order's shipping insurance. Shipping and insurance is to be pre-paid. The actual ship date may very according to yard conditions.

Attendants may be in the queen cage or on the out side depending on the type of cage we use on the day of shipping.

Queen Cells:

Queen cells might be available in limited amount during late May and June. They are an excellent way to re-queen a hive under certain conditions. Payment is not taken in advance, cash should be paid at pickup. Cells should be installed to a queenless hive within 5 hrs of pickup.

The virgin queen should hatch several days after pickup, ready for mating.

Due to their sensitive nature we are not responsible for replacements or refunds. Once they leave our hands they are in your care and are your responsibility. Special care should be made during transport.

 Breed Price
 Cordovan Italian set of 2 for $35
  • Pickup Only, please bring an insulated container to transport

Nuc: (SOLD OUT - email to be added to the wait list)

Nuc ('new-k') is short for nucleus hive. They are a small honey bee colony created from resources of larger over wintered colonies. The term refers to both the smaller sized box or the small honey bee colony within it.

It is important to us to help new beekeepers start off right in beekeeping and we believe northern raised queens and nucs are a big part of that. It is also very important to us to make sure our bees go to good homes as our nuc production is limited, preferably to experienced beekeepers.  If you are a beginning beekeeper, we will ask you to certify that you have attended a bee school and that you have a support system (bee club) or mentor to help you with your bees. (I saw this on an EAS master beekeeper's site, and totally agree with it, so I put it here.)

FYI - Once they leave our hands they are in your care and are your responsibility and thus we are not responsible for replacements or refunds. Special care should be made during transport.

Nuc Description:

  • 4 deep frames of drawn (beeswax) comb + a 5th frame (new foundation or partially drawn out)
  • 2 or more frames have brood
  • Accepted, laying queen

 Queen's BreedPrice
 Cordovan Italian $150 Limit 3 per person.
  • Please note the following:
  1. Additional Items:
    • Add $10 paid in cash at pickup, if the 5 frame is fully drawn.
    • Marking queens is $3 extra, and may be done at the time of pickup.
    • Nuc box sold separately: $3.
  2. Pickup Only! - (We will let you know which location to meet us. It will most likely be a farm where we have our nucs building. We can drop off the nucs at Morristown airport if you are flying in for $60.)
  3. If you do not pick the nuc up in the field at a farm you can not inspect the nuc, and you then accept the nuc as is.
  4. If we feel at any point that our bees are not going to a good home, we reserve the right to cancel the order. We would rather loose a sale, than see bees mistreated.
  5. Please note: There will be only a limited number of pickup times. The dates are to be determined, but are estimated to be May 18, May 19, June 8 and June 15. Pickup is not at the buyer's convenience. Orders not picked up are void without refund. There will also be a limited number of pickups allowed on each pickup day. There may be as few as three pickup dates.
  6. As there will only be a few nucs sold this year, we will have a wait list. Please inform us as soon as you are no longer looking for bees from us. If you can't get a nuc, you still can order a package from the south, and re-queen it with one of our queens. If you are new, it is recommended you learn how to requeen a hive, or it is likely that you will quit beekeeping in a few years when your hive dies.
  7. We do not recommend installing packages after May 15th in NJ. They may be too far behind to harvest enough food to survive the winter. It can take 6 weeks for a package to develop into a nuc, and at least another 8 weeks of good flow to have a reasonable chance to over winter. This is just one of many reasons we no longer sell packages, and only offer nucs.
  8. Nucs made in one of our classes are not included in the class fee, they are priced as listed on this page.

On a quality note, I randomly pick up nucs from several other breeders, to see what is generally being sold. In a number of cases I was less than satisfied with their strength and weight, some were just a hand full of bees on a few frames of dry comb. This practice confirms for me that the nucs I provide are top grade. But note, I always requeen any of these that are sub par, their genetics to not enter my general population.

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