How to create and collect your own stamps, postcards and postmarks?


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Appetizer for you: Slideshow with some of my maximum cards, etc.


Why not passively collect only somebody else's creations? Because it's frustrating. Why a personalized stamp? Because YOU CAN.                   

Look at some examples of customized postage (personalized stamps) from USA.*

Zazzle is my most favorite site in the world for creating my own customized postage (personalized stamps).

Another USPS-approved official vendor of customized postage is Endicia:

Another USPS-approved official vendor of customized postage is

Another USPS-approved official vendor of customized postage is Fujifilm's

In the image below, there are three stamp designs that I made (that's me in the photo) to compare the size of the image and of the stamp overall, from those three vendors.

I have zoomed in at because I could only hope for a portrait, since their size is so small.

I have zoomed out at pictureitpostage to show the most of the philatelic exhibit frame behind me.

And I have zoomed out even more at, to obtain the dark background at the top of the image, to place my text.

Every such vendor should learn from zazzle that allowing text customization is a competitive advantage, a killer app.

Please read an interview with me about my two Zazzle stores. You can scroll down, if you want to skip the text for now, and see some sample images:

See a promotion of my other store, as Zazzle "store of the week" by a blogger; I will add more stamp designs to this store:

Why a customized postcard? Can't you buy commercial ones with ANY SUBJECT you want, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE? Uh, no; you can't!

Here's an example of customized postcard, back and front, that I created at (tell them Hi! from Dorinco)



















The text below didn't scan well, but in reality it looks much better. 



The most difficult thing of those three mentioned in the title is to create your own pictorial postmark, legal and valid for postage with your Post (USPS in my case - the United States Postal Service)

At, you can find out how some groups can obtain permission to have and use some pictorial postmarks, within regulations.

I'm talking here about you, as an individual. Here's my solution, still within the USPS regulations, as far as I know.

I applied for a Mailer's Postmark Permit from USPS, then I paid for an appropriate canceler (the postmarking device) from a certain supplier (details later).

If I want to pictorialize my postmark, I will apply some rubber stamp RIGHT NEXT TO my postmark, without overlapping (just to pacify USPS).

 Here's how the regular ink (next time I'll buy StazOn ink) performs on simple office paper:

Here's my standard profile/bio/info, posted in various forums of philately (stamp collecting), deltiology (postcard collecting), marcophily (postmark collecting), scrapbooking, collage, decoupage, montage, mailart, artistamps, etc.

Hello, potential philatelic partners and friends!

My name is Dorin and I'm a male; Doreen is for females, OK? I was born and raised in Transylvania. Don't tell me you don't know in which country is that; you are a philatelist, or a postcrosser [see], strong in geography and history, aren't you?  :)

I have been living in USA for the past couple of years.

My focus is on Wild Mammals on maximum cards. Occasionally, I get or create maximum cards with other animals or any other topic. For example, I would love to have at least one with each species of mammals (especially marsupials) from Australia, Papua-NG, etc. For those mammals not yet on stamps– that's what personalized stamps are for! I'll create some, within budget.

I also collect stamps, but there are millions of collectors who own the other millions of copies of the same stamps, usually. How many maximum cards do you think exist with a certain stamp? How many are collector-created? Moreover, how many maximum cards have personalized stamps? How many were created by you for the enjoyment of the philatelic world, immortalizing you in the process?

Isn't RARITY the greatest factor in the value of a collectible item? Certain exceptions apply, of course.

After collecting just stamps for over 35 years, all created by others, I decided I should create :
- my own personalized stamps, from several countries
- my own postcards (even customized with text printed on the back, from, for example)
- my own canceler (postmarking device), approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS); the permit is called MPP– see details below.

I am a member of:

ATA= American Topical Association

MACSU= Maximaphily Card Study Unit of America outdated material; membership questions should be addressed to the Treasurer (tell him Hi! from Dorin from USA):






For general questions about MACSU and maximaphily, contact:

MACSU President Terry Watson at


See also (recent material)

Don't visit yet my blog; it's still set to Private.

MPPC= Mailer's Postmark Permit Club
I am an ex-member of LPCS= Local Post Collectors Society

I prefer to create personalized stamps, valid for postage - instead of "cinderellas" / "local post stamps" not valid for postage.

However,  when a subject is not approved for a personalized stamp, you can always "do your thing" and create, just for fun, a "local post stamp".


Postcard exchange site I especially like


Virtual Stamp Club; I especially like the forum (click on the green rectangle Start reading)


Philatelic forum USA-centric (again, see the forum; also, many interesting items are available to buy!)


Philatelic forum Australia-centric Yet again, see the forum. The most lavishly illustrated forum with images of stamps, mainly hosted at


Global philatelic networking site: Click below:

Stamp Bears World Wide Forum



P.S. Transylvania (Transilvania, The Land Beyond The Forest) is about one third of Romania.

Best wishes to everybody!




dorindorinco AT gmail DOT com


Maximaphily is a branch of philately, or stamp collecting, that means collecting maximum cards.
Generally, a maximum card is a postcard, with a stamp and a postmark on the picture side. Ideally, all these 3 elements should be concordant, but not identical.

From my collection of maximum cards (some items are, or may become, "for trade")

Usually not for trade (unless somebody makes me an irresistible offer, such as buying); click on Postmarks/Winter sub-album, too:

From my collection of postcards (some items are, or may become, "for trade")

Look in my For trade sub-album (mostly Virginia and WashingtonDC sub-albums). The Special Trade is 1-for-2 normal, or 1-for-1 special.

Please visit:


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