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About the Guild by Xuanlan

Doom Per Second is all about fun.  We are a family that include people from everywhere.  No matter what our differences are we come together for a common goal.  Whether we are raiding Kara or dancing in Stormwind we always have fun.

Xuanlan (Guild Leader)

Itchigo's Corner

Hello Fellow Guild Members,

Hey everyone Im back and yet I'm not. See I just got married and not yet have internet at my new home so I have to sneak over here at my parents to get one. We have has an exciting month from Karazhan runs to Zul'farrak and Sunken Temple runs. There have also been bad times with some lost of members, but it's all cool. Well I'm here to let you know that there have been changes made to the website to help with signing up for Kara. Also new is our "Skill Needed" forum for people in the need for guild members skill. Also our screenshots are getting kind of old so I would like some new ones from ya'll if you can. Also if you have game story you want told e-mail it to me so I can put it on the Home page. Speaking of stories you might notice the Action in Kara below and I will love to here whats going on to put it there. Also you should check in the inportant news section of the guild to see if there is any news in the guild. Well I hope ya'll visit the site as much as you can cause I worked real hard on it.

Itchigo, Hunter

Action in Kara (Old News)

This past month a few of our level 70 guild members have be in running through the dangerous Kara. Our guild leader Xuanlan has done wonders in leading our fellow guild members into the dungeon and bringing out gear that i only wish that I could have. For example the axe know as [Legacy] that Xuanlan had gotten from a drop. I will be posting those who were in the group that went to Kara; later on this month. If anyone has gotten any screen shots from Kara please email them to me.

On the last day on Kara; which will be starting again later on this week Puppa and Xuanlan let me know their repair bills from the action. Puppa had a 17g repair with Xuanlan with a 21g 73s bill! Puppa which i caught him sayin did 18,612 dmg to codd.

I will be looking forward into hearing your new stories about Kara. This hear is old, but I'm leaving it up till I hear something new. Also I would like some screenshots if you can get them.

Great Job Everyone

Your Story Could Be Here!

Give me a story and it could be here! Just e-mail it to me. Of course I will put more than one up here!

Important News

The Kara Sign Up sheet is now open!

There are only Five DPS spots for Kara so don't get your panties in a bunch if you don't get picked- Xuanlan

Website Updates

The new Kara sign up is up and ready!

The "Skill Needed" forum is up and ready!

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Before It Happens!

Lately in the guild chat there has been things said that I need to put on the website. I am not blaming anyone for there things but before anything happens I want to make sure that everyone fully understands that one this website is for the guild and WoW reasons only! Also due to the fact that we do have kids in the guild it is my job to make sure nothing mature ends up on here. Also the most inportant: If I catch anything that I dont see fit to email me I will inform an Officer and Xuanlan (Note: she will be the first to know) or shut down the website completely! And again I am not blaming anyone just wanted to get that cleared before anything does happen.