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Black Magic

❀Updated 22/11-2020❀

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So lets start with:

Some Black Magic! Here is Broomstick... Shadow on the hat is fake (cardboard), I still need the real one

Black Magic, in both the old version and the newer one.

Black Beauty Later version, also shown on the carrying case for Daisy,

65204-15 is all I have on the latter, Disco night? Bit of a stretch to put it in the blacks, black skirt?

Showbizz, finally took pictures of it, so nice!

And a confirmed no-name dress, Chess I call it. Swan lake training part only.

Cinder, black/silver, Five'O black version.

Tiffany, gorgeous. Get Me!

Two Optimum outfits. First one with a black glitter top, comes in a turquoise variant too. Zebra dress with a chunky velour belt

Miranda in the black version, Spot On, black Velvet skirt, trousers made in same fabric as the blouse.

HeyDay in four variants. Black top with different patterns, straw hat with matching ribbon on. (I only have the hat for the last two dolls)

Ghymkana in two variants, one where the coat is white inside, second one is thicker and paler trousers, same boots.

Daisy & Spot also in black and a "Stray" Dog (Barbie or clone)