Daisy by Mary Quant & Much more...

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Glitter,Glitter and more Glitter!

❀Updated 29/08-2015❀

A glamorous collection of clothes for a glamorous doll!

A most loved outfit, now also in a variant, and with black stockings as it was originally sold with. Don't think most lasted very long, so delicate!

My childhood one, and the one where the fabric was paired and mirrored.

Space Daisy, never thought I would get that one...

Belle of the Ball, and again Belle of the Ball...

Optimum outfits, both comes in many colours, lovely, absolutely lovely.

Another Optimum ballgown, she did go to a lot of glamorous parties, didn't she?
And a Beauty Queen dress, missing all the rest.

65204-15 is all that this outfit is called. Yes I did take it off the card to take the picture, I had to, right? Jersey fabric.

It is sooo ingeniously made; a jumpsuit straight up, the skirt gives the figure, and then the shawl. Just Wauw.


Swing along Daisy. Pretty pretty girl, but the outfit puzzles me. The skirt is Pink and there is no pink at all in the top. The skirt consists of a piece of jersey sewn together on the back, with an elastic added in the waist. I honestly thought it to be something home-made when I first saw it. But somehow it works with the glittery top, doesn't it?

Cinders great fabric with the silver threads. It is a two piece outfit, but I really think it belongs here amongst her prettiest outfits. It does give the appearance of a dress.

Optimum two piece outfit.

Turkish Delight on a rerooted Amy, same type of fabric as Razzle Dazzle. The problem with these were that the glitter threads would easily be pulled out, ruining the dresses.

Swish, does this go as a shining one? A lovely two piece outfit and 80'ies Glitter, sparkling!

Miss Chelsea, the beauty Queen. And a Miss Denmark :)

Glitter Girls, Shimmer dresses, stock doll.

This must be Daisys? Hope so. This golden glory is a super fantastic copy of the original Daisy Dress, I love it!

Unidentified Dresses.