Dog Armour

Armour Chestplate and Collar for dogs


                               Please note dog armour is not available at this time.    

                         Breastplate & Collar in one

Welcome to our new product "dogarmour."

  • 1. Made of Alloy plating
  • 2. Breathable as it allows cool air to flow inside between each plate
  • 3. Alloy plates flex & compress with the dogs movement   
  • 4. Super lightweight : med/large version weighs between 940/1050 grm.

 Why dogarmour?

For thousands of years various styles of armour plating played an important role in decisive battles in our world's history. Even Ned Kelly's armour was used as a protective covering.

So why change things? It worked centuries ago, why not today? Statistics show that police dogs are more at risk from being stabbed than being shot.

      Our quality breastplate & collar is manufacured in,Brisbane,Australia, is super light weight as it is made of hundreds of small alloy plates  (Patent protected ) interwoven with tiny stainless steel links for strength. Unlike Ned Kelly's heavy armour, our medium/large "dogarmour" size, weighs between 940 grams & 1050 grams Only around one kilogram!  Our Police dog full body armour weighs 2.2kg. Because of its unique construction allowing the armour to “breathe”,  the alloy chest plate & collar allows more air between the plates to keep your dog cooler.  Another important feature is that it does not soak up water which can make them heavy and cumbersome. 

 And what finally makes our  product so exceptional is that each plate moves with the dog's body, that is left/right as it compresses or up/down as it expands. In other words all the links and plates compress together and then release with the dogs body movement. It is not like a straight jacket but is flexible and more comfortable for your dog..

Dog size Chestplates

Usually a medium/large full chestplate will fit most average dogs. However for large dogs, as shown in the photos there is a large size available. We are limited to these sizes at this stage.

 Full length body armour version is available for Police and  Corrections officers ONLY at this time.                                                                                                                                           

Location                                                                                                                                We are currently producing this product in Bethania, Brisbane near Beenleigh. To see and trial this product please make an appointment by phoning: M: 0425988829. Alternatively we have an agent in Gympie,Qld where you can arrange an appointment. A proper fitting is essential and for a short time we are waiving our fitting fee, if you are able to come down with your dog/dogs as you pass through Brisbane. This enables a proper fitting.    


    Even though we believe this product is strong, caution is still recommended when using this product. Nothing is invincible. The armour is designed to reduce risk of injury in frontal assault, but not a guarantee of protection considering the high risk conditions this product may be used in,   NO GAURANTEE is given that a tusk ,sharp object or knife, etc cannot penetrate into or around this armour. Please take this into consideration before buying this product. We have trialed the dogarmour ourselves so you are welcome to test it out yourself and make up your own mind before purchasing.

By purchasing and using the dogarmour, you accept all risks and liability that could result in loss of life to you, others, or your dogs, temporary or permanent injury or economic loss.    


This breastplate & collar is an Australian registered design product, and due to the great amount of interest shown we are looking at franchising our breastplate & collar as demand increases. We will be looking at franchising in each state throughout Australia.This will enable faster supply to customers in each state.  If you are interested in becoming an Agent in your State please contact us.  Patents also  apply.       

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