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Wedding Officiants,Life Coaches,Web Based Talk/Reality Show Host

Meet Our Ministers

Hi my name is LordTrevor I  live and practice in (West) Knoxville Tennessee.I have counseled many over the years with success!Now for the boring stuff.I have Doctorates in Parapsychology(Ph.D) (hon)as well as Divinity(hon).

I started a journey that led me to counsel others as my primary ministry.I have learned to accept others just as they are and not discriminate against them because of their sexual preference etc.We here at West Knox Counseling are affirming of alternative lifestyles. 

*Member Of The Order of Knights of Good Works

*Member United Fellowship of Interfaith Ministers     

*Bishop West Knoxville Counseling

*President  ULC Knoxville

*Licensed Minister, State of Ohio

*Board Member:ICAA(Interfaith Christian Accreditation Association)  

Title of Lord awarded by the Royal Family 

In Person Ordained