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Do you like to eat?I do!I will be reviewing Knoxville and Knox County restaurants.Stay Tuned my first review is coming up!

Review of Mimi's Cafe Turkey Creek


Our visit to Mimi's was a treat. The food was great and cooked just right and the server was very professional and attentive.The booth that we were first seated  was too small for us larger people and the chairs at the tables were to low for older people and us larger people to get out of well.The mgr at Mimi's was very nice.The cost of the food was moderately priced. It cost around 35.00 for the 2 of us and that included drinks.So on my  favorite meter I would say Mimi's was an 8 out of a possible 10. The restroom was neat and clean. The food was served within 15 minutes.

Shane's Rib Shack Turkey Creek
Our visit to Shane's Rib Shack turned out to be an experience that leaves much to be desired!I ordered the pulled pork.The pork was ok i guess.I can't say that much for the selection of bbq sauces!They were limited and not on table as other eateries have them.They didn't have anymore of  the sweet bbq sauce so i asked the cashier if i could have some and she brought me what i thought was sweet bbq .I tasted the supposed sweet bbq and it was medium at best and i just couldn't eat anymore and it had to go into the trash.My advice to you is to stay away from Shanes Rib Shack.Also service was almost non existent.This is my opinon.

Ruby Tuesday Lovell Rd

Very good service!I would say that the service at Ruby Tuesdays was among the best that i have ever experienced.The food however was another story.One of my party had the chicken pot pie and it was just plain awful.My reccomendation is to stay away from the chicken pot pie.


Comig soon review Nixons Deli, Middlebrook Pike



8/31/2014 Today we had lunch at Hibachi Grill and Buffet it was delicious

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