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Tea Partier's don't speak for the common person as i see it they are a bunch of people that are fringe and out of touch with today's world.We see evidence of this in the speakers that they have chosen like sp.I would call them ignorant,uninformed and sad.

We all need healthcare and thanks to the efforts of the President and members of the democratic party(the ones that actually care about the welfare of others)we now have it.

I pray there is no more descrimination!

God is love not hate.

People who are affraid of technology are just silly.

Those that don't text are missing out!

Let us pray that those in Arizona will stop making exclusionary rules.Racism in the guise of politics.Shame on you!

It's a great day smile!
SP is just a sad person inmo.Let's send her accross the border they can have this money grubbing fake individual.

BP get the leak stopped!!!

Sad to see Simon leaving American Idol!
Can't wait to see who wins American Idol!My fav is Lee

Republicans care about big business over their own citizens! Republicans have lost their minds and are moving to the fringe right.
BP get it fixed!
I pray for all that wildlife that is suffering from the oil spill!

Republicans care about no-one but big business!They also tell ignorant people what they want to hear.I guess their moto should be screw the middle class and public workers.

Shame on Hardees hwy 68 in Madisonville TN!We went into this Hardees on our way to the national forest.Drive thru was busy but no-one was in line inside.
We stood there waiting for someone to take our order for a few minutes and no-one did so we just left!If this is how you are going to treat customers then you will not get our business!

Shame on BP get the oil leak fixed already!

SP is trash!

Look at republicans statements and you can tell they are for big oil and big business and could care less about the common person.

Conservative republicans don't care and they suck!

Boy the tea party is showing it's true movement racism!

Conservative republicans care for no-one except big business just take a look at their records.

What's with some people in Powell(Clinton Hwy)?Are manners too much for these people?Homophobic much?

Republicans suck big time.

I agree with President Obama!Everyone has a right to worship as they see fit and where they see fit!I am referRing to what is going on in NYC. 

Republicans are just plain crazy and are focused on those fringe groups.Shame on you for allowing yourselves to be associated with such hate groups!Shame Shame Shame.

The minister in Gainesville Fl that wants to burn someones holy book doesn't speak for all americans!He is inmo a false profit and an attention seeker.He is using god's word to suit his own agenda!

Money and or power can't buy you class!
Democrats are the only ones with class!

Rush L sucks!!!What kind of idiot would listen to him or Glen B?Trashy republican,uncaring speaking idiotic heads

Kathy Griffin for President!

No Republicans they suck!
If you are a republican you are akin to trailer trash!
If u don't recycle u may be trash

The Tea Party is trash!If you r a tea partier u r trash!

Republicans r trash!

The Gov of Mi is akin to Hitler!!!!

The Gov of Fl is trash!

The tea party is trash!!!