DNS Reptiles




Welcome to DNS Reptiles. I have been working with snakes for nearly 35 years and started breeding projects almost 30 years ago when I hatched out a clutch of corn snakes when I was a kid. I have worked with a variety of snakes over the years, but have recently focused my efforts on various subspecies of the genus/species Lampropeltis triangulum, commonly known as milk snakes.

I currently work with certain select North American triangulum such as triangulum (eastern milks), syspila (red milks) and temporalis (coastal plains milks). At one point, I was working with all ten specices of NA milks (when there was 10 recognized subspecies - now that has changed), but I was always most fond of eastern, red and coastal plains milks, so that is now my focus. I also have a colony of Cosala Mexico locality sinaloan milk snakes.

Boa constrictors are probably my second love behind milk snakes. They are magnificent, majestic creatures and very gentle animals once they mature. With captive breeding, there are many beautiful looks to the boa constrictor now and my favorite is the VPI Tpositive albino trait, but I also love the Sharp strain and Kahl strain albinos.

I also have a group of "other" snakes I keep mainly because I like them but not specifically for the purpose of breeding them. These include locality corn snakes and a locality eastern kingsnake. 

Thank you for visiting my website. Please enjoy the photos of my animals and let me know if you have any questions or are interested in any hatchlings.