What's it all about?

"Do Not Disturb" signs come in a variety of designs, shapes and materials. The most common are made of paper or card. Others are made of plastic, wood, fabric, leather, brass and other materials. Some hang on door knobs, others are inserted in electronic key locks. They can be broadly classified as follows:

HOTELS: Custom made signs for specific hotels. They display the name of the hotel and/or a logo.

HOTEL CHAINS: Standardized signs usually found in hotels belonging to the same chain or group. They generally display the name of the hotel chain and/or the logo.

Generic signs. These are anonymous signs usually sold by suppliers of hospitality products.

And "Do Not Disturb" signs are not just from hotels. You also have:

CRUISE SHIPS: Similar to the ones above, these signs hang on cabin doors of luxury "floating hotels".

AIRLINE COMPANIES: Adhesive labels requesting privacy for passengers on long-haul flights (usually in Business Class).

There are also other categories such as , Promotional signs (advertising events, products or services), and others.

Some signs could not be identified and are listed as UNKNOWN. Can you identify any of them? If so, please contact me: dndcollector@gmail.com.

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