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February 27th,2012

Bet you thought I was dead or off the face of the planet...well nope I have been around. I just haven't done any mixes or saw no need to since nobody wrote in the guest book or shout box asking for new mixes. Anyhow I was nice enough to update the Remixes Section of the site with a new upload I have done of "Rockwell Feat. Micheal Jackson - Somebody's Watching Me (DJ Spike Remix 2012). I'm also gonna be adding my facebook and youtube pages in the links. Anyhow hopefully I will get more feed back from people this time.

October 15th,2008

  It's finally here and uploaded, sure to be one of the most downloaded mixes from my site, in the Full Mixs to Download section you will find my newest mix "DJ Spike - Tribute to DJ Tiesto" a mix of nothing but DJ Tiesto tunes over 87 minutes worth. Hope you all enjoy and give your comments in the shout box or guest book. Don't forget to vote for me at the DJ List.

October 8th,2008

  There will be a new mix up in a few days... I hope you are all ready for it. If you enjoy DJ Tiesto then you will enjoy this mix as it's called "Tribute to DJ Tiesto" with over 87 minutes worth of just DJ Tiesto tunes I'm sure this will be one of the most downloaded compulation yet. So keep your eyes peeled to my site for a new update on when the link is put up.

May 12th,2008

  Okay I have uploaded another mix that I did on New Years Eve of the incoming 2k8 ...I was suppose to upload this mix 2 days later and completely forgot about it.... anyhow the new mix is available in the "Full Mix to Download" section now and it's called "DJ Spike - Club Mix Vol. 1". So 2 mixs in a 12 hour period uploaded . Don't forget to tell your friends so they can enjoy the mixs as well..

May 12th,2008

     BIG NEWS BIG NEWS..... At the DJ List I am ranked the #100 DJ in Canada and #27 in Montreal my home town . I'm excited and why shouldn't I be.... it's all thanks to you guys voting for me at the DJ List that made this possible... so what can I say but THANK YOU ALL!!! But to also pay you all back I have put up a NEW MIX in the "Full Mixs to Download" section. It's called "DJ Spike - House Trax Vol. 1" ... I think the title pretty much says it all although I did throw in a few mainstream dance tracks. But as I said again thanks to all who voted for me at The DJ List and keep voting if you believe I should be more then just #100 .... I would find it really funny if I got a higher ranking MC Mario.... another DJ from Montreal. Anyhow enough blabing and enough reading from you folks.... what are you waiting the new mix and keep voting

January 20th,2008

  Well if anyone actually reads the news here you may have noticed in the shoutbox that I will not be putting up anymore mixes until I get some acknowledgement from my visitors either in the shoutbox or guestbook and only 1 person gave a shout out.... I'm still waiting for more. Funny how many search my site and perhaps some of you are fans of my mixs but never tell me. It's ashamed because I now have 2 mixs done and the only people that are missing out are you folks.


 Hiya folks, I wanted to say that there is a new web address for the website, I made this to make it easier for people to remember ... here is the address   , I'm having troubles with my server still and debating to change over to another. Till this time the station will be down.


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