Situation Normal............ know the rest.


These are the parties that you've missed me at (follow the links to see pictures of the parties courtesy of, TriskeleManagement and Sinergia):


Saturday February 16th 2008- Wonky Disco Valentine's Ball

Saturday March 29th 2008 - Ominscience Spring Equinox Celebration, Kent

Friday June 6th 2008 - Conscius Monkey, Newcastle

Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd August 2008 - Offworld Festival, Lidington Warren, Wiltshire


Saturday 20th January - Divinorum @The Blue Mountian, Bristol

Friday 9th February - Neutronyx @ Rock City, Dublin

Saturday 10th March 2007 - Psycle, Nottingham

Friday 20th - Saturday 21st July 2007 - Wickerman Festival (chillout set)

Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th August 2007 - Psychedelic Ceilidh

Saturday 8th September 2007 - Baraka @ The Coven, Oxford

Saturday 15th September 2007 - Venom @ Secret London locaton (chillout set)

Saturday 3rd November - Gareth and Sue's Fireworks party, Essex

Friday 30th November - The Awakening @ Plug and Play, Reading

Saturday 22nd December 2007 - Omniscience and Astro Cafe Winter Solstice celebration @ Secret London Location

Monday December 21st 2007 - New Year's Eve Celebration, Ruigoord, HOLLAND!!


Friday February 3rd 2006 - Edensounds @ Jamm in Brixton

Saturday February 18th - Psy-forum Fundraiser @ Jack's Club, London Bridge

Sunday February 26th - Elluminate @ Medusa, Brixton

Saturday March 4th 2006 - Omniscience @ The Synergy Center, Camberwell

Friday March 17th - Edendounds Birthday Bonanza @ 491 Gallery

Saturday April 8th 2006  - Omniscience @ The Synergy Center, Camberwell

Saturday April 22nd 2006 - Chrysalid @ Jack's Club, London Bridge

Friday April 27th - Synergy Project @ SEOne, London

Saturday May 13th 2006 - Omniweaver

Saturday May 27th - Implosion

June 2006 - Sunrise Sostice festival (Chillout plus secret full-on set in the crew bar)

July 2006 - Glade Festival (Chillout at IDSpiral and Progressive in the Liquid Tent)

July 2006 - Wickerman Festival, Scotland (Chillout and Full-on)

Saturday August 12th - Baraka Chillathon 3, Oxfordshire

Saturday August 19th - Wonky Disco, secret location (as featured in The Observer's "The Return of Rave" article on Sunday 27th August)

Saturday October 28th - Omniscience Hallowe'en Party @ Duke's Bar, London

Saturday November 4th - Omniscience Fireworks Party, Essex (pics)

Saturday November 11th - Baraka @ The Coven, Oxford

Friday 1st December - Mistified Minds @The Medusa, Brixton

31st December - Omniscience NYE barn party, Maidstone


Wednesday 12th January - Viva La Weaver (Brighton)

Friday 28th January 2005 - Psybernetic (Cambridge)

Friday 4th February 2005 - Omniscience (Maidstone)

Saturday 12th February 2005 - Tsunami Benefit Party (London)

Friday 11th March 2005 - Omniscience (Maidstone)

Saturday 12th March 2005 - Psycle 1st Birthday Bash (Nottingham)

Saturday 19th March - Omniscience Spring Equinox Picnic (Kent)

Saturday April 2nd - Omniscience (Maidstone)

Friday April 8th - Pulse (Chatham)

Friday 22nd April - Labyrinth (London) pictures

Glastonbury Festival

 Sturday 2nd July - Guateque G8 Picnic (North London forest location) pictures

15th-17th July Glade Festival pictures

22nd-23rd July - Wickerman Festival (Scotland) (trance set and 7 hour chill-a-thon) pictures

Saturday August 20th-21st - Baraka Chill-a-thon (Oxfordshire) pictures, more pictures

Friday September 2nd - Sunday September 4th - Omniscience Camping pictures

Saturday September 10th - Viva la Weaver 1st Birthday Bash pictures, more pictures, yet more pictures

Friday 28th - Sunday 29th September - Omniscience/Sinergie Eclipse Party ( Madrid, Spain) pictures, more pictures

Saturday October 15th - Planet Shroom (Bristol) pictures

Saturday October 22nd - Alchemywerx @Unityworks, Hackney pictures 

Saturday October 29th - Omniscience Halloween Masquerade (Canterbury)

Saturday 5th November - Fireworks Night Birthday Bash for Whitedog

Friday November 11th - The Synergy Project @ The SEOne pictures

Saturday December 10th - Omniscience @ Arch 269, Brixton


Psycle (Nottingham) - resident from April-July




Stereochemistry (Birmingham)

Friday 3rd September - Omniscience (Maidstone)

Friday 5th November - Omniscience (Maidstone) pictures

Friday 19th November - The Synergy Project (SEOne, London) pictures

Friday 31st December - Omniscience (Maidstone) pictures


February 2003 - Planet Shroom (Bristol)