Situation Normal............ know the rest.


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Reply EmallyGowly
4:47 AM on August 14, 2010 
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Reply Zeak
9:29 AM on June 23, 2009 
Hi, I've been searching all over the net for Daheen's rmx on Mad World. The link to your mix is dead. So I'd be very thankful for uploading the mix (or Daheen's track somewhere). Thanks in advance.
Reply jazz
5:27 PM on May 17, 2008 
ow well..i just sent you a message on your myspace profile that i found.but after sending i realized that you didnt log in for one year now..hmm..pity..
well..maybe youll check it again..hope to get in touch!
my best wishes!
Reply James <>
3:58 PM on February 13, 2007 
Hey mate! It was good meeting you at the weekend in Dublin, I really enjoyed your set man it was fooking class :lol:
in case you dont remember me, Indigo introduced us at the start of the nite i was the guy with the ponytail whos about to start Djing!
Any way see you at the Life-festival man take it easy!!
Reply Jason D\'Argent <>
10:00 PM on December 8, 2006 
Keep kicking it real DJ SNaFU...ur da gr8st

homegrown is the wk8st ;)

look 4ward to seeing u here in Oz sometime
Reply greg <>
9:43 PM on June 29, 2006 
well it would be rude of me to come on here having a nose at your site without saying hello, so hello!
just stumbled across your site, you have been busy recently havent you.

must go for a beer (yes beer) soon.
Reply little d
10:38 AM on May 23, 2006 
howdy geezer hows it going!
Reply ben <>
1:14 PM on May 17, 2006 
alright man jus to say your set at omniweaver was wicked put a smile on my face :)

keep on playin
Reply Tim B (aka \"mistrust\")
7:52 AM on March 2, 2006 
An "official" thanks for the support...I really appreciate it....
Reply snafu <>
4:59 AM on February 6, 2006 
Estelle - hello honey! Yes it has been a long time but I'm sure I'll see yuo at the psy-forum party in a couple of weeks. Will be good to catch up XX