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Is the Pope Catholic?

Posted by Snafu on June 24, 2007 at 1:08 AM
I made a rather surprising dicovery today. ?? I learnt that there are, in fact, not one Pope but TWO! ???? That's right, there are 2 Popes. ?? How can this be? ???? Surely this just highlights the ridiculousness inherent in the catholic Church.

One of these Popes, Joseph Ratzinger/BenedictXVI,?? does indeed live in the Vatican. ?? He's the one you probably all know about.

The other Pope, or Earl Pulvermacher as his parents named him, has no given address although there is a Post Office box number you can reach him at if you really need to send some money.???? It's in Springdale, WA. (isn't that where Bart Simpson lives? - Oh, no that's Springfield).???? I digress

The whole reason why I came across this astounding piece of knowledge was because I decided to write a letter to the Pope.???? I wanted to know the correct form of address to use when writing to the Pontiff but now it turns out I'm going to have to write 2 letters.

I figured as seeing as the Pope is the head of the catholic Church then he would be fairly strongly in favour of doing his bit to help the human race.???? So, I've decided to write a letter explaining, reasonably, where there is no need for people to have faith in God.???? Hopefully, he'll take a lead from Jesus and sacrifice himself, well the Church, to save the human race.???? Give all the Church gold to the poor and needy, use all the land they own to build schools on to give children a balanced education or hospitals for the sick or homes for the homeless.

So, I'm going to write those letters.???? I'll keep you informed.

Back to the digression - here's the reasons why there are 2 Popes:
I'm really concerned for the people of Springdale, all 283 of them(according to the 2000 census), although I do wonder if the close proximity of Loon Lake is more than just a coincidence.

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