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About Us

Welcome to DjsDragonRanch! I'm a small breeder of High Quality Bearded Dragons. I currently live in Meridian, ID. I grew up in Oregon City, OR where I got my first Bearded Dragon. I got my first Dragon Spike when I was seven years old (seven years ago) and he is still alive today. When I was 11 a new person moved in to my neighborhood. I eventually figured out that he bred Bearded Dragons and went over to see them a few times (or a lot of times). I probably annoyed him quite a bit. He told me that he was selling his Dragons and getting into snakes, and my parents didn't want me to breed dragons but I talked them into it over the next few months and it finally worked. I bought his incubator, his cages, and a bunch of other stuff. I also bought some babies. Well I didn't do very well caring for my dragons and I didn't know much about Bearded Dragons, and only hatched out 2 beardies out of about 40 eggs the next year. I now am doing better at this and hope to hatch out more this year and make a little profit.


Bearded Dragons are becoming increasingly popular pet lizards, and lots of people have found it interesting and exciting to breed them. Bearded Dragons are somewhat easy to care for and they make a wonderful pet for young children. They are also moderate size, and look somewhat threatening but are nice pets. They have great personalities, their activity level is high, and I would recommend one to almost everyone.

Our goal is to provide healthy Inland Bearded Dragons (Pogona Vitticeps) for wonderful pets or breeding. If you have any questions or complaints please email me at We do not deal with wild caught reptiles, our reptiles are all captive bred and in good health.

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Last Updated 3-26-07