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KC - Reddy To Rumble

UKA - Disco Dynamo

Sable and white working sheepdog

D.O.B - 25.11.2005

Dam: Safyn Y Coed Cai (welsh sheepdog)
Sire: Caldohna Glen Tri-All-N-Error (working sheepdog)

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Grade 6 Agility Dog, Novice Heelwork to Music

Rum, my blue eyed boy.

He competing in agility Grade 6.

I can't thank Caroline and Gill enough for this great big donkey of a dog, he means the world to me.

Rum won a Grade 3 Agility class in September 2007 and followed it up the next week with a Grade 3 Jumping win proving he can do both .   During 2007 he was so consistent, he started off quite steady but soon realised he didn't need to worry and started to speed up.  We didn't really start the season in 2008 till May and he came out and he had sped up again and my timing was completely out so we took a bit of time to get it together again, but at Newton Heath in June he won a Grade 4 Agility (despite me wanting to wait until later in the year to win out - I thought I had held his dogwalk long enough!!).  Anyway he followed it with a Combined 1-4 Helter Skelter, so proved he was ready to move up!  In August at his first show in Grade 5 (KC Festival) he had a 3rd in Jumping and the following weekend had a win in Grade 5 Jumping at Dashin Dogs, at his last show of 2008 (Wyre) he had a win in Comb 3-5 Jumping - grade 6 doesn't seem far away but I would like to start next season in 5 really.  July 2009 and Rum had his 3rd G5 Jumping win to go grade 6. 

After Rum won into grade 6 I realised I was doing agility with him because I enjoyed it and not because he did, he found shows so stressful and although loves agility, the atmosphere and close proximity of other dogs at shows and training is too much for him.  Every year we have worked on his stress levels and I realised after a break from agility he is a lot happier without it, at home he is a completely different dog and so much more chilled out.  So it broke my heart to retire from agility in autumn 2009 as we just always ran as one, without him I can't bear the thought of competing. 

In summer 2011 I decided to do a couple of UKA shows to see whether he had grown out of being a stresspot and we actually made some progress, our first and only one of two KC shows and he had a 2nd in grade 6 agility :).  So now 2012 has arrived I am doing some shows again.  I am really keeping an eye on his stress levels and have to work hard with him, always have to have some company at a show so I can keep him out of queues.  He hates having all the other dogs so close and winding up right next to him, he really stresses out and get so nervous.  So this is the problem, by having someone queue for me it seems to make a big difference, however we are keeping to smaller shows as there is no way he would cope with a 20 ring KC festival!!

He has also had 2 x 2nds and a 4th in Starters HTM which now moves him up to Novice HTM.  Though having been frightened by standing under a speaker which fedback really loudly he has gone really ring shy so when we are competing we are normally turning it into a training round - he is getting there and managed to work a full round with one little 'moment' so now I need to make his routines a bit more complex as I had kept them too simple.


Rum's CV

Available for Media work, his CV is as follows:

  • Friendly with other people and animals.
  • Basics
    • Back
    • Bend
    • Down
    • Flat
    • Hold
    • Left Spin
    • Nose Dip
    • Pat - Hide nose with left paw
    • Paw - Hide nose with right paw
    • Right Spin
    • Roll Over
    • Sit
    • Stays - Sit, Down & Stand
    • Touch - Left paw
    • Tap - Right paw
    • Weave through legs

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