Dogs Do Dance

KC - Rainway Forever Ember

UKA - Disco Diva

Shaded sable & white shetland sheepdog.

D.O.B - 30/06/2003

Dam: Rainway Mystical Princess
Sire: Seavall Seamus

See her pedigree here

Grade 6 Agility Dog (1 agility win, 2 jumping wins)

Known as the Shrieking sheltie.

I have had her since she was 9 weeks and she has really turned out nice. I did a couple of breed shows with her and she had a 2nd and a 3rd in Puppy, but then her ear stuck up! She is just what I was after, something with substance and attitude, she’s got a really good bone structure.

Agility wise she started competing in January 2005 and we went through the first half of the year with stacks of encouragement, whatever happened I made sure she really enjoyed it. In August we clicked and she qualified for YKC Agility Dog of the Year at Crufts 2006, had a 5th and 6th place in open mini jumping. Then Kennel Cough struck, started back again at a local show and she really knocked into a jump causing her to become lame! Finally 2 weeks later we made it to Newton Heath where she picked up a 3rd in Mini Novice Jumping. She had lost her confidence and was starting to run past obstacles so we spent the last shows of 2005 building her confidence back up.  

Ember had one novice jumping win during 2006.  She will work for anyone and Charlotte Harding ran her in juniors in 2006 and has also run her in 2008 achieving two jumping wins together in the space of a month!!

She helped Cas win Pup Idol at The Wag & Bone Show 2005 as she did a joint freestyle routine with her. She has done some media work – featured on the front cover of Dogs Today (having attended a photo shoot) and featuring on Stronghold Flea treatment posters in a vet surgery near you!

In September 2007 she won a combined 1-7 Jumping at Dashin Dogs, in April 2008 she won a Grade 5 Jumping at Wye Valley with Charlotte, then finally going Grade 6 with a Combined 4-5 Jumping win in May 2008 at Vyne.  During the latter part of 2008 she had two second places in comb 6-7 jumping and grade 6 jumping - just need to tighten those turns a little!!  When I am fit and can keep up with her better she runs amazingly.

So far 2009 has gone really well, at her first KC show of the year she won a Grade 6 Agility, we then went back to having weave issues in the ring!  After coming back from competing in France in July she was in fine form and won two Grade 6 Jumping classes, so we just have that one agility to go - so close but yet so far!  2012 - We have returned to agility from having a break for a couple of years, we're only doing a couple of day shows a month locally as I can't camp with having Rum, I would really like that last win before she retires?

Ember's CV

Available for Media work, her CV is as follows:

  • Basics

    • Attention
    • Back up
    • Bow
    • Down stay
    • Jumps anything
    • Recall
    • Retrieve
    • Rollover
    • Sit stay
    • Stand on back legs
    • Twizzle on back legs
    • Twist Left
    • Twist Right
    • Touch (one paw) Tap (other paw)
    • Twist
    • Walk to heel
    • Walk backwards
  • Tricks
    • Skateboard