Dogs Do Dance

KC - Disco Inferno

Saddle back sable and white GSD X Rough Collie

Rescued at 6 months - December 1999

There'll never be another Dizzy, she is a very special dog. She has taken me places I never dreamt of going and has taught me so much.

She started me off in agility in May 2001, out first show being Shrewsbury. Where she picked up 3 clear rounds. We continued until June 2003 where she retired, her only placings being 15th and 20th in Novice Agility, she was my steady clear round dog.

In June 2003 she was retired due to back problems. In July she was referred to a specialist (as I insisted on it, the vet wanted her put down!) in Liverpool. The vet had discovered spondylosis, however this doesn't usually cause the dogs pain. She was sent for an MRI scan where it was picked up that she had degenerative disc disease - one of her discs was degenerating, swelling and pressing on her spinal nerve. She was booked in that week for an operation to remove the disc and pin the spine together, the operation would have a 50% chance of success. When we took her in she had started to lose the use of her back legs. She came home a week later in great pain and wasn't able to wag her tail! It took 2 months of cage rest and lots of love for a further 3 months for her to come through it. It was a very tough time for us all.

Obedience wise, in April 2003 she won a pre-beginners and beginners. In January 2004 I decided to work her once more and she won her second beginners, so I decided to retire her then.

She was Companion Dog Idol 2002 (first Pup Idol type Competition). Featured on Today with Des & Mel 2003 (came 2nd in Pup Idol). Featured on BBCs Test Your Pet in 2004 showing off her tricks.

In 2005 she started film work and was the main dog in the Sponsor a Dog advert for Dogs Trust. She has done several tv programmes, adverts and photo shoots since then.

2012 - Dizzy is doing well but she has cataracts, a weak heart and fluid on her lungs.  She's still a happy bouncy dog and enjoys life thoroughly, such a shame to see them get old and frail.  Her magnetic collar really helps her as her arthritis in her shoulders and hips is quite bad.

2014 - We can't quite believe she lasted so long, defied all odds.  We lost her this year, she gradually just gave up.  Dizzy was amazing and will always be in our hearts, we were so lucky she chose to spend her life with us, we really were honoured to call her ours.

Dizzy's CV

Dizzy is an easy going dog and extremely clever, ideal for working in the media.

Available for Media work, her CV is as follows:

  • Friendly with other people and animals.
  • Will work for anyone.
  • Very easy to train.
  • Has reliable stays and will work in strange environments
  • Can do stays in and out of sight for a long time
  • Basics
    • Attention
    • Back up
    • Beg
    • Bow
    • Carries anything in mouth
    • Catch
    • Chin on ground
    • Cover eyes with paw
    • Creep
    • Dig
    • Down stay (upright or flat)
    • Heel backwards
    • Left
    • Lies on back with all 4 feet in the air
    • Play dead (side)
    • Play dead (back) - all 4 feet in air
    • Puts her head down on command, lifts her head up on command
    • Right
    • Recall
    • Retrieve
    • Rollover
    • Sendaway
    • Settle
    • Side step
    • Sit stay
    • Stand stay
    • Speak
    • Twist Left
    • Twist Right
    • Touch (one paw) Tap (other paw)
    • Turn Around
    • Twist
    • Walk to heel
    • Weave through legs
    • Wrap - wraps paw round an object eg. cane
  • Tricks
    • Skateboard
    • Bang - lies down, creeps Bang - Lies on back Bang - Lies flat
    • Says her prayers - Puts front paws and chin on a chair and then lifts her head up
    • High 5 - jumps up and hits your hands with her front paws
    • Fetches a hankie when someone sneezes
    • Hugs on command
    • Fetches her dishes in when it’s tea time
    • Gets her lead when going for a walk
    • Open door
    • Lays the table
    • Plays Basketball
  • Behaviours
    • Will take something to someone else.
    • She can be directed to an object on the floor (using left, right, turn around) and pick it up