Dogs Do Dance

We lost Cas in 2014 to liver cancer, she had a good few last months being spoilt rotten and we treasured every last day together.  She got to meet Sweep, always loved puppies, she was so good at gently telling them when they were being a bit OTT!  She enjoyed watching his foundation training and occassionally pottering over the poles on the ground with him.  My amazing little white dog has left a massive hole in my life which will never be filled and I will always miss her.  She was such a funny dog and the house is so quiet without her.

KC - Flibberty Gibbet

UKA - Disco Demon

Patterned white working sheepdog (border collie without KC registration).

Rescued in September 2000 when she was 6 months.

Grade 6 Agility Dog

Advanced Freestyle Dog

Cas is a mad merle, absolutely crazy, she always makes us laugh with her antics.

Cascade started agility in August 2001, she did one class at one show that year, it was starters agility at Dordale and she came 8th. 2002 saw her winning out of elementary and starters with several wins, also coming 2nd in The Agility Club Starters Final and coming 2nd in The Agility Club Junior Of The Year (O12) awards. 2003 saw her qualify for Novice Grand National and Adams Derby finals and coming 3rd in The Agility Club Junior Of The Year (O12). In 2004 she qualified for YKC Agility Dog of The Year at Crufts, she made it through to the final but I let her down with a refusal. 2006 has seen her qualify for Genesis Novice Jumping Final (coming 4th) Adams Novice Derby (again coming 4th) and Genesis Novice Jumping Final for 2007.  2007 has seen her come 2nd in the Genesis Final and win into Grade 6 (3 jumping wins).  Her highest placings include 2nd Open Circular Jumping, 4th Open Jumping, 4th Intermediate Jumping amongst many others and four Novice Jumping wins (2006).  She started 2008 in Grade 6 and can hold her own, her highest placing being a 3rd in Combined 6-7 Jumping, I took the decision to retire her from agility classes and just let her enjoy her jumping.  We have done more UKA shows because she can jump a lower height there and the same at Addicts shows.  Autumn 2009 - At almost 10 years old and with Rum retiring I feel it is right for Cas to retire as I don't want to push her on full height any more, I would never forgive myself if she injured herself.  So we might do the odd Addicts show at standard height. Now at 2012 Cas is competing in veteran and anysize and loves coming out to play!

She also does flyball and qualified for the YKC event at Crufts in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.

We started Canine Freestyle in 2002 and at the end of the year saw her winning at her first show – Starters Freestyle. We have done several displays and country fairs, fetes etc. Not competed much but when she has competed she has always been placed. Wag & Bone Show 2004 (Non KC) – 1st Novice Freestyle, Wag & Bone Show 2005 (Non KC) – 1st Novice Freestyle, Town & Country 2005 – 2nd Novice Freestyle & 4th Novice Freestyle.   In 2006 she won me out of novice with a 1st in Freestyle at Town & Country along with a 2nd and a 4th.   In 2007 she became advanced in canine freestyle with 2 x 2nds, 1 x 3rd and 2 x 4ths in intermediate.  In 2008 she qualified for the Freestyle Final at Crufts. Since then we haven't really competed, ended her career on a high in the main ring at Crufts :)

She also does tricks and won Companion Dog Idol 2004 and Pup Idol at the Wag & bone Show 2005. She has done some media work and been featured on Midlands Today, Central News, Richard & Judy, The Wright Stuff, Homemade, Top Dog (Animal Planet), Goldfrapp music video (Happiness) and a photo shoot for Dogs Today.  She was also be featured on Channel 4's 'It's Me or The Dog' August 2006 showing what you can achieve with a rescue.

Cas is one in a million and she has worked her socks off for me, putting her heart and soul into everything she does:

Cassie's CV

Available for Media work, her CV is as follows:

  • Has reliable stays and will work in strange environments.
  • Does agility, flyball, obedience, heelwork to music
  • Can do stays in and out of sight for a long time
  • Basics
    • Attention
    • Back up
    • Beg
    • Bow
    • Catch
    • Circles things
    • Dig
    • Down stay
    • Heel backwards
    • Jumps anything
    • Left
    • Play dead (side)
    • Right
    • Recall
    • Retrieve
    • Rollover
    • Settle
    • Sit stay
    • Stand stay
    • Stand and or bounce on back legs
    • Speak
    • Twist Left
    • Twist Right
    • Touch (one paw) Tap (other paw)
    • Turn Around
    • Twist
    • Walk to heel
    • Walk backwards round
    • Weave through legs
    • Wrap - wraps her paw around an object
  • Tricks
    • Stick Em Up You're Busted and shot dead
    • Skateboard
    • Plays Basketball