D-beat rawpunk

NEWS OF 2017


Going kind of slow..drummer will be back at february then we will start rehersing/recording new shit..

For thos who care we got badges,pins,stickers etdc write about it..

maybe some gig later on this year.. 

 Recorded this by december 2016..




 We are back to rehersing new stuff.

RPNA vol 3 tape is out by us,full c90 tape of recorded noise 2011-2015..

killed by vinyl..total diy style tape!

wanted to do it this way becuase of the disclose studio trax 93-95 tape ha! 



19th march

Chuck Berry R.I.P






Well we are booked to play in MALMÖ ,sweden. and COPENHAGEN denmark first weekend in September this year.

more to come about that,some other shows is planned also.

new songs havent been rehersed yet but there are many, possible to record later on this year.. 



 Slight change of plans,we are playing in gothenburg sweden 1 september 1st then malmö sweden the 2nd,no copenhagen ...

besided that we are also playing with DISEASE from macedonia in the 30th of oktober in umea and 31 oktober in lule-shitty




we aim to record new trax by january 2018,some pics from the rawpocalypse now gig with DISEASE are in our facebook page Dispose/rpna.

.yes we got a facebook page these Days also..we talked about doing a splít with Another dis-noise band from here and possible a Another tape something..

Also Another gig in january 2018 at the fg7,




News 2016

Another year another scar....


Future or grave will be released on tape fron the ukranian label NO NAME RECORDS.

Tape will be a small run of 60 copies so dont wait if you want one...

 Our split with bakounine will be sent to pressing towards may..


24/3 Äggmangel boden,havremagasinet.

27/4 Luleå,fg7 with MASSPOLLUTION (belarus) 

26/5 Fg7 luleå with Vivisektio,(fin) 





 upncoming shows!! 

26/4 gig in umeå with MASSPOLLUTION

27/4 fg7 Luleå with masspollution

20/5 fg7 with VIVISEKTIO

21/5 umea with VIVISEKTIO 


NO name records released FUTURE OR GRAVE ? in only 60 copies

so if you want it dont wait around.

Next release will be split 12" with Bakounine sent to pressing soon! 



 Well looks like 2016 will end shortly..we did one gig up in giron few weeks ago beside that we will try record some new songs in december..

DISPOSE/BAKOUNINE split is out since way back we got some copies,we got some merchandise also if interested just write!

 cheers !




 We played the annual norrbotten hardcore festival in the end of january.

it was good fun!cheers to all who came!

splits with skitsöfrenia and disease is still at pressing plant and were waiting endlessly....the future or grave 12" should also be out this year..as the split with besthöven..stay tuned..

we will try to play more live this year and to record another session towards spring..


The split 7" with disease and skitsöfrenia has been delayed for a long time,way too long and we hope to have some damn news from the pressingplant here soon!

The split with besthöven was sent to pressing by symphony of destruction rec in france so stay tuned all you out there waiting for more d-beat noise madness!!

And Raw Dis vol 2 live dvdr comp was out by our japanese friend i shall have some copies here sooner or later..

Meanwhile we reherse new songs our plan is a split 12/lp with BAKOUNINE from france it will be a cool release indeed!

Dispose played At Umeå Punkfest in April and we had a good fun night! cheers to all we met!

We hope to get out and play live more if you want us to come and play drop us a line maybe we find a way...

we Recorded "fear of the nuclear age" for the freedom punkers covers compilation.

29th may

have some Raw dis vol2 dvdrs for sale now,sleave printed in shikoku island,japan.

price with postage is 8 euros for our collected live assault video 2012-2014...only PAL !

the end of may is approaching hope to have the pressing plant saying they have sent me the splits with skitsöfrenia and disease within the next coming days.



Split with disease is very much in progress have seen photos of it from pressingplant,finished sleeves and records in pressings..maybe out by the puntalarock festival...

such endless waitings for vinyls now...


Yeah split with disease was out by puntalarock! still have just a few left..

split with besthöven and skitsöfrenia will be next!!

we recorded another 7 songs for a split with BAKOUNINE coming next year!!

we play live att LIllan luleå 25 november 2015 be there!!



OK split 7" with Besthöven is out now on Symphony of destruction! 300 copies in blakk vinyl and screened cover!

i will have few here shortly!

 split with Skitsöfrenia should also be out soon pressing plant says pressing is done just waiting for sleeves..

 We will play at Lillan in luleå 25 november,we havent played there for 5-6 years maybe,will be good to play this old classic venue again ha!






2014 news update..

March 2014

Split 12" with infekzioa from spain is out now on rawmantic disasters records

Have a few available through the punk & surplus distro..

latest news about split with besthöven says a release is to be in april/may..

Dispose-Future or grave 12" is to be sent to pressingplant its a split release between the labels kontonkrasher (us) and Dtakt & råpunk rec (swe) more news about that soon hopefully..cheers!

JULY 2014

Were looking for labels interested in co-releasing the split with besthöven and skitsöfrenia 7" as these have been stranded..

are your label interested drop us a line at inaktuellt@hotmail.com

still awaiting for the future or grave 12" to be out,meanwhile we are back to rehersals again,doing some new trax for a split with disease from macedonia..

stay tuned for for d-beat and noise madness!! Kill the summer 2014!!


Well the news is that split with skitsöfrenia and split w disease will be sent to pressing in very near future! and thats for certain!! Symphony of destruction rec in france says he wants to take over the split with besthöven so we got hopes for that release still!!

Since dtakt & råpunk rec stoorage was flooded and lots of stuff went to shit the planned released for FUTURE OR GRAVE 12" have been delayed and i dont know about it..we got hopes and well see about it!

possible for two upandcoming shows in the north of nowhere...

more news later...



nothing last forever in the cold november rain..

split with Disease and skitsöfrenia has been sent to pressing.

hope for some news here soon!

split with besthöven still will be delayed but should be out!!

WE are playing at fg7 8 november and in january 2015 at the Norrbotten hardcore fest.

* R.I.P Christoffer Wallin 1983-2014







2013 news



Our LP on Dtakt & råpunk rec is out!! 8 trax of d-beat noise..

ive got a few for sale 17 euro postpaid.write if youre interested..

here some video from our gigs..

 köpi squat berlin 2012

fg7 2013

umeå 2013

 maybe there will be gigs in march and april in FG7 more news might come..

hopefully split 7" with besthöven & skitsöfenia will be out also...

Rawpunk noise CD vol2 is being made possible  its released in march/april..

theres a Lp with 2009-2010 material also being made,possible released by may..its entitled "nightmare visions & beyond..."

 theres a DISPOSE interwiev at fofao of besthövens blog,also a smal feature in upandcoming maximumrocknroll of jocke d-takts profile,check it out!!

we hope to record 2 more times in this year...

MAY 2013

We made small tour of sweden early may played umeå.stockholm and gothenburg.

We want to thanx everyone who made this small trip possible,really thanx alot!

there will be some videos on the tube later on..people with pics from the tour please send em to:


Dispose has finished a new recording hopefully for a split this year.

DISPOSE-rpna vol 2 cd is out now,im down to my last copies of this 43 track assault.

Rezet not equal zero still got copies for sell or possible trades dont hesitate if youre interested it was only made in 200 copies.

Also "nightmare visions & beyond" Lp should be out on Shogun rec in the next following days.thanx to phil for releasing it!

release schedule now looks like this after "nightmare visions..."

100x ep 7" on rznez sublabel summer 2013,

split with skitsöfrenia in summer 2013,

split with besthöven hopefully this year..

also our new recording we want to release with our friends from spain called guerra fria,ok thats all for now!

JULY 2013

The LP on shogun rec is out ive got some in my small distro check it out if you need it..

We are again rehersing new songs for a recording dont know what it will or anything..

still waiting for some 7" to be out!!



 Return of the advanced pikadon 2 track ep is out now,100 copies was made only,ive still got a few but..see distro for more info.

WE are again recording 6 trax so there is 2 unreleased recorings from this year for future releses..and 2 more splits hopefully out soon.

keeping d-beat mania!



The kajuntti twins was born in november the 5th.

a growing dis tribe!!

hope for the splits with skitsöfrenia & besthöven to be out..

also 2 recordings from this year awaits release.

heres a prelisten of one track:

rotten salvation



return of the advanced pikadon sold out here...

NEWS OF 2012

MAY 2012

Well we went and played in berlin in february,Thanx to TODA and all nice folks we meet there!!

and also played a Gig at the FG7 house in lule-shitty.
some video here:




We are playing in Gävle 17th of may and in Ume 18th of may 2012..be there if you care for our noize!

Our split LP w KRANIUM has finally been sent to the pressing plant,also our split 7" w DISPLODE from France will be sent to press soon!

Both these releases might be  out til summer of 2012!! keep checking here for info..sometimes something new actually happens..

WE have recorded some new material as well,dis stuff will be released on split 7" w BESTHÖVEN from brazil,hopefully sometime during the year! Krogh off BLINDEAD PRODUCTIONS will make the sleeve for this one,we are thrilled about it!

CHEERS TO EVERYONE IN 2012! / Kajuntti of Dispose

May is coming to an end now,we played the gigs in gävle and umeå maybe there will be pictures more later..and some videos..

anyone with pics from these gigs please send them for us..

RAW DIS ASSAULT live dvdr is out now from Rnez,in ntsc format...im making some in PAL format..get in touch if you want one..

Our split lp has been made! maybe it really will be out in few weeks from now! and our split w Displode from france has also been sent to press!

check back here for updates...

JUNE 2012

still havent got the split LP or split w displode here..more delays.

but im pretty shure RAWMANTIC disaster rec will have it out soon or now.just waiting for copies for us..

june is coming to an end now..maybe we will go to Östersund and play in the 10th of august but who knows..

we are starting rehersing for new recording as well,we are featured in Free pussy riot compilation,ive got a few for sale in distro..

also got few dvdrs for sale..and some left over t-shirts as well...check the distro..

JULY 2012

The split LP is OUT you can buy it from several distros etc,just search the web...we still havent got our copies here..so we are still waiting for that,the split w displode is delayed from pressingplant hopefully out soon blablabla..

we are again rehersing a bunch of new songs as always..maybe a new recording will be done in august 2012,there are no gigs for now..


Well we got our copies and ive already pretty much sold the ones ive got..There is a demand for it and now they are making a re-press in coloured vinyl too! so watch out for that one!!

The masterplates for displode/dispose split 7" is made and they are starting the press now so in 2-3 weeks i will have the finished product here finally!!

the rehersals for the new songs are going well maybe get our shit together and record it in  1-2 weeks.expect d-beat and noisy rawpunk and you wont be dissapointed...

24 of AUGUST 2012

Split w Displode is out now get it from me or RNEZ,SMYT or crucificados pela sistema rec.




Our split with BESTHÖVEN is becoming a reality soon as besthöven now is recording his stuff.

this will be a split release between the labels Bombs away rec and Fight back rec.

Krogh of Blindead productions is handling the sleeve which is cool.

Dispose also recorded 8 new trax for an upandcoming 12" on D & R rec..

theres video promo here:


still got a few dispose/displode 7" left..

Our split with SKITSÖFRENIA now looks like it will be released in 7" by Crucificados pela..more news later..

talked some more releases and splits but im awaiting til get some more info on that stuff...


News 2011


We are rehersing again after a summer of low activity,we are playing with BESTHÖVEN in 22 august at FG7,lule-city

DONT MISS IT!! RAWPOCALYPSE NOW vol2!! 19.00, 40 Kr, doors open 18.30..


Well looks like our split 7" w  los rezios will be out in few weeks from now! it can be ordered from here,see distropage for more stuff we got available. Probably our split CD with Skitsöfrenia from Malaysia will also be out soon! and also Our split tape/cdr with Baltring terror is out by Lobster records!! i will have some tapes and cdr of it soon!!   i have added videos to the video page finally,..everyone with pictures from our gigs feel free to email them to me  at: inaktuellt@hotmail.com


Split w Los rezios from peru is out now!! ive got only 30 copies of this you can get it from me for 7 usd pp,but dont be lazy they wont be around for ever you know..300 copies made.

it should be available soon from the labels releasing it,smyt rec,FR, RNEZ,JP, dtakt&råpunk,SE & Helvetet rec,PE..

Dispose might play a gig in FG7 December 14th 2011,more news of it will come shurly..


the gig in the 14th december is not in lule,its ume..not shure about anything conerning that gig.

maybe our split 12" will be out after a long deley,crucificados rec is on the release aswell ive been told.

maybe our split w lärves will be sent to press in a while too..

in next year there is a plan for split 7" w BESTHÖVEN,labels interested get in touch.

also one dispose 7" is planned for next year,and even a split 7" more but who knows..

im looking for a label more to help release split w lärves,interested ones,get in touch.

ive got a few cdr of our split w balting terror for sale soon..just need some time to burn cdr,also possible to make a few cdr of our split w los rezios that will come with a real 7" sleeve,write if interested...


Our split 7" w Los rezios is pretty much sold out,smyt rec and RNEZ might have a few left,RNEZ has still some dispose releases on cdr available.

i have few cdr versions of our split w los rezios for sale,write if you interested.

i think we will be playing live in luleå 28 december,and we are booked to play Köpi squat,berlin 25 February 2012 w CHAKA and others..be there!!

Now we need to reherse..

merry X-mas to fukkers!!