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Hello! Welcome to Kiwitchi Land! This site is THE place to be if you love Tamas. Includes character info, basic and advanced Tama care, and more! We also have fun features like an adoption center, story, logs, my Tama stats, and more!
Anyway, have fun in Kiwitchi Land!

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Site News

Yessss!! A new template! Looks cool, huh? Of course, some time or another I'll bring the old one back. I love that green plus one!!! I'll bring it back right now in fact!! Bye!

I had to do it. It's the true Kiwitchi Land. Hey..... now that I think about it, I'll try another template! LOL, bye!

Hmmm..... I like this new look!!

Yay! I added a bunch of new stuff! This will be "Update Hour" so look for major changes!

A few new polls added.

New speech on the home page.

V2 character chart finished and V3 character chart started. (Finally!)

New template.

New home page speech.

New graveyard request box.

Updated "What is a Tamagotchi"? to include V4

Finished "Buttons and Icons" section - have a look! (Includes a thorough explanation of the Mail Icon)

It's almost Easter! On Easter, we'll have all sorts of fun and celebrations! Be sure to come! Includes a special Club Dippy meeting! Be sure to register on Club Dippy today!

Updated V3 character chart to include the toddlers and their personalities.

Ohhh yes I'm horrible I deleted the home page music lol! It was originally put in as a joke..long story... but I think I'll bring it back, it is the true Kiwitchi Land.

Ooh I put back the music XD hope you enjoy... and you can always turn it off....it started to be Kiwitchi Land tradition, I couldn't take it off

Added some new rating and comment boxes in various places.....try the Tama story, the Dippy Kiwitchi story, and this homepage to share your thoughts!

Added a new (very strange) poll.

Added the Tamagotchi Collector game! Have fun and signup today!

Made all the requested Tama Houses for Tama Collector.

Completely redid the adoption center - have a look.

Ohhh yeah I'm back >:D Starting today, I'm making KL up-to-date and super aweeeeeeeesoooooome. So everyone....I'm FINALLY BACK!!! Mwahahahaha! Oh, and vote for us on Tamagotchi Topsites! Pretty please? D: We're only #76.....that's like, terrible. O_O Anyway...I, the super amazing Dippy am back!!!


The official Kiwitchi Land Comment and Rating Box

Ok everyone, you've rated and commented on certain sections, but what do you think of the site as a whole? :) Here's your chance to show your thoughts to the world! Or at least to everyone who's viewing this page ;)



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