Digitally Painted Paintings

Welcome to our art archive. This is a collection of digital paintings from 12 art archives from the Simhadri Software catalogue. It houses digitally painted art, made on the computer, for sale. The computer graphics is created using 3D graphical applications to create 3D art looks.

The paintings are approx. 7 " * 10 ", that is to say, 7 inches (width) by 10 inches (height) in size.

The prices of the paintings are given alongside the picture - in general, each painting is $20 to purchase.

The painting files are saved as JPEG ( Joint Photographics Experts Group ) format and the paintings are created
by Vijay Simhadri, Creator and Owner of Simhadri Software.

Contact Us:

If you wish to purchase any of these paintings, contact us by e-mail us at:


We will negotiate a deal from there.

All the paintings are copyrighted and owned by Vijay Simhadri.

Thanking you for your interest,

Yours sincerely,

Vijay Simhadri

(Owner of Simhadri Software)

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