Update 7/16/07


Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated for awhile. I've been a bit busy. But don't worry, I haven't forgotten!

Not much new around here for now. There's a new episode up in the episode section for you to read. You finally get to learn all about Sortas! Hooray! And along with the episode, there's a new Digimon profile in the In-Training's section for you to look at.

I really want to work on some more things for the info page and I should start now that the sotry is getting somewhere. So hopefully some stuff will be up there soon. I have some new stuff planned for the art section too so sit tight! And as always, if you have artwork, send it in and I will post it on the site. I am also still acceptiong affiliates. 

Update 7/6/07


Another Episode up for reading. You finally get to know why this series is called Digimon: Sortas Project! (Well, there will be much more of that in the next chapter.) No new characters are introduced in this eppie so unfortunately there are no new bios up or anything. But I have added two new Digimon FDD sites to the links section. CACH (Cherry and Cleomon's Home) and Insanity Ink. If you get the chance you will have to check out those wonderfully awesome FDD sites! Along with the links note, I am also now accepting affiliates. If anyone is even remotely interested, e-mail me or comment on the web-site and I'll add you. It doesn't have to be a FDD site but I would prefer if it had at least something to do with Digimon.



Here are some links to my favorite Digimon FFD sites that helped get me back into Digimon! Please visit them and enjoy!


D4 World Tour

I am also now accepting affiliates. If you are interested, plese send me an e-mail, comment or say something in the guestbook. Thanks!

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