Diesel LPG

Diesel Fuel Savings | AEB Fuel System

Avon Autogas has developed a revolutionary system that can substantially reduce the operating costs of any diesel engine. And have fitted over a hundred vehicle in the last 12 months mainly for local councils, and even main dealers are using us on there own vans.

Save around 25% of diesel fuel bills.

Prices from 1000 plus vat

Reduced Emissions

Tests have shown particulate Matter is reduced by approximately 70% as a consequence of an efficient combustion rate and the combustion process being completed with in the cylinder.

Further emissions can be removed with employment of a catalytic converter in the exhaust system.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that only around 80% of the diesel is burnt in the cylinder with the rest wasted. It burns in the exhaust manifold or escapes to the atmosphere unburnt.

Our system uses a secondary fuel to increase to burn rate to a typical 98%. The electronic controlled introduction of LPG into the inlet results in improved combustion that requires a reduced amount of Diesel to produce the equivalent horsepower / torque.

It is basic mathematics, if you burn 20% more fuel rather than sending it into the atmosphere you will receive an increase in fuel efficiency.

System Adaptability

The intellectual property within the AAG ECU has the flexibility to be adapted to suit any Diesel engine.

The system is designed to operate on new (computerized)  engines whether they are turbo charged or naturally aspirated.

The  ECU module is efficient for all Diesel-based vehicles that travel intra city or long haul interstate environments including stationary generation and marine applications.


Improved Driving Conditions

Vehicle drivability and driver morale are increased, most importantly driver fatigue is decreased. This is because the driver is faced with fewer gear changes due to improved engine torque curve.