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April 10th, 2018: Anime Boston 2018
Sketch and I got back in the convention saddle at Anime Boston 2018 after taking a year off to focus on the whole becoming parents thing. It was both strange and fantastic to do something that was not baby-related and get back to some form of normalcy from our lives "before." There hadn't been much time to make new costumes, and since my body was still very much in a state of flux I wasn't interested in that yet anyway and brought old outfits instead. Sketch, however, managed to finish his SummonerBraska costume from Final Fantasy X, so we had a full squad of Summoners to run around with on Friday which was a blast! EllyStar hit up the Viz Media Sailor Moon Masquerade Friday night while Sketch and I did a masquerade panel with Kiarrens where we got to give prospective entrants tips for a successful entry and feedback on their skit ideas. Saturday I got to wear my Princess Serenade from Eternal Sonata again, and Sketch and Punzy had an awesome shoot with Amie from Photography by Amie E. in their Voltron costumes. That evening we judged the masquerade again and were treated to a surprise J-Pop concert by Japanese idol Asaka. Sunday we relaxed with our kid in tow and showed him around his very first Anime Boston! You can read my full convention report HERE and watch Sketch and I's video report of the con on AnimeCons.TV HERE. - Shiva

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