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12,799 TK

Nokia N70 Music Edition

799 TK

Nintendo Gameboy Color

999 TK

Omega Plus Extract

1,499 TK

Herbal Hair Lotion

2,699 TK

Philips 15" CRT Color Monitor

499 TK

128 mb pen drive

Mobile Phones


Show Case

Show Case

Computer Items

Computer Items







13,999 12,799 TK

P3 Desktop Computer

3,999 TK

G Yashica Electro 35 

5,899 TK

Nokia 6600 Smartphone

17,999 TK

Videocon 21" Pure Flat 

1,299 TK

BTC Black DVD rom 

319 TK

Cosonic Stereo Headphone 

Computer Items 


Mobile Phones

Show Case 

 Computer Items

Computer Items 


DhakaTV - Online Entertainment

This is a new sister site of DhakaSALE, dedicated to entertainment. A new online channel with different topics to choose from, post different videos and shows, express yourself and dont miss a single show. When it is time for entertainment or the time for study, DhakaTV will be always with you. It is open for all to share videos. DhakaTV is hosted at Magnify.net -a video sharing website. You can upload your own videos on DhakaTV, or you can link a video hosted on another site. You can also record live video with your webcam and simply post it on the site. It is very easy and fun to do this. It is a unique channel dedicated to you. Come on, share the creative side of yours on DhakaTV. Site address is: dhakatv.magnify.net or click here

What's New

"Tamal Anwar Online" is the official website of Tamal Anwar. This site is made as an online representer of the owner or we can say, it is the online diary of Tamal Anwar. Here you can know all about Tamal, his thoughts, ideas, what he is doing now & what is he doing next. "Tamal Anwar Online" is the first and only official website of Tamal Anwar & it is maintained by himself. After the hard working days of DS, Tamal finally managed some time to create a personal website. The site addresses are, TamalAnwar.tk & TamalAnwarOnline.webs.com

Coming Soon!

Skincode Essentials - The Essentials For Your Skin
Skincode Essentials is an advanced dermocosmetic skincare line for all skin types for both women and men. 100% free of preservatives, fragrances, colors and animal extracts, it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. From cleansing to anti-aging, from moisturizing to beautifying, even whitening, Skincode has got what your skin needs. Experience the ultimate Swiss purity and perfection in skincare. Skincode is a wellknown brand of switzerland. DS is bringing these exclussive products only for you. These products will be available on February-March 2008 in DhakaSALE online store.

Hand painted clothes & handycrafts
DS is brining a new series of products which are handycrafts, t shirts, cloths, showpiece items all are hand painted stuff. We collect these items from talented artists & sell them on DhakaSALE. You will found veriety of goods on a new section called Artworks. These products will available on DS soon. You can choose from many designs & also you can order your own choise.

Best Deals

This is a Dell brand P3 pc. Recently our honourable coustomer, Dr. N. A. Khan has purchased it from us. It is a Dell brand machine with 14 inch monitor, Pentium 3, 776 MHz processor, 128 mb ram with key board mouse and with other stuffs. This is our first corporate pc deal. We sold it to Dr. Khan in 12,999 TK only. As a corporate deal, we have provided him a free home delivery just because he is our first pc customer. Dr. Khan have welcomed his new Dell machine in his office in Panthopoth, Dhaka. He loved his new digital companion very much. As we can see, we are attracting more visitors day by day and gaining popularity. A new feature regarding to Dr. Khan's satisfaction about the pc will be post recently on DhakaSALE.tk Till then, stay connected!

If you want your dream pc today in an economical price, just contact us for best deals. You can also order for your wanted items by mailing us, DhakaSALE@yahoo.com or Call us, 011-900-88-600.

DhakaSALE Desktops

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