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     Hey guys I'm Devan. Nice to meet ya. So anyway this site isn't really about anything in specific, just a bunch of things that I like. Right now, I'm putting most of my attention in the video games sections, because it sounds fun. The forums too are a work in progress. As freewebs updates the forum settings, I will add more, then later on maybe we can actually sign up! Anyway, just be patient and you'll be seeing a hell of a lot more shit on here. But first I need to get a job. I had to delete all of the pages that weren't really important to the site, so when I reach the 20 page maximum, I won't be adding anything until I can get money. I may edit some of the shit I already have on though. If you have any question or anything, you can email me at:

Things That This Site Will Include

As this site is something for me to post about whatever I want, there will be a wide range of topics discussed on the site. From Video Games like Pokemon X & Y, all the way to the Human Brain. Some things will be covered more than others, but I'll try to give everything a fair shake.