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July 13th, 2007
How do I have 8,000 pageviews here? My DS animations are old as anything. Hmm. I'll tell you what: you can see a collection of all of my animations right now:

Head over to these sites to follow my art. I update these guys daily:
Fur Affinity

Behold: The art of pictochat!
nobullet™ got me hooked on the fine art of pictomation.
Here are a few of the animations (and how long they took to make). I never thought I would be able to upload them! (the quality sucks, I know).
picto_cat.MOV- 2-ish hours
polarium.MOV- 30 minutes
castlevania.MOV- 2 (?) hours
picto_sh3.MOV- don't ask.
picto_heritage.MOV-55 minutes
picto_mrsaturn.MOV-15 minutes
picto_hero.MOV-45 minutes
picto_equilibrium.MOV-3(?) hours
picto_link.MOV-2 1/2 hours
picto_rogue.MOV-3 1/4 hours
And just pictures:

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