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Vintage Autumn Suzi

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP 

Artwork Copyright to Rion Vernon, PinUpToons

You must have license to use this work, you can purchase one from CILM

 Scrap Kit, Sunflower Vintage, a free to use scrap kit by Susan Davis, thank you for sharing your lovely work, Suzi has kindly given me permission to upload the scrap kit to my supplies to share, thanks so much Suzi! very much appreciated...I have uploaded the elements from the scrap kit that I used in my tag in my supplies (Please be advised that the scrap kit is for personal use only) You can download my supplies here. Suzi's store will also be opening soon, you can check out Suzi's great ceations here

Font - Saginaw

Mask WSL_228 by Chelle, thank you for all your great shares, you can download it from Chelle's site here



Drop Shadow settings used throughout vertical & horizontal 2, opacity, 50, blur 2

I re-sized all elements of the scrap kit by 60% until I was happy with the size of each for my tag, some elements you will have to re-size a few times


Open up your supplies

New image 650 x 650, floodfill with white

Layers, new mask layer and apply Chelle's mask

Copy and paste paper7 from the scrap kit as a new layer, layers arrange, send to bottom, delete the mask layer and merge group

Copy and paste the circle frame2 from the scrap kit as a new layer, using the magic wand tool, click into the center of the circle, selections, modify, expand by 3, selections invert

Copy and paste paper 3 from the scrap kit, hit delete, move this layer under the frame layer

Add in Sunflowerdoodle2 as a new layer into your working image, re-size as necessary, use the deform tool to rotate, use my tag for guidance, add a drop shadow

Erase any parts of the sunflowerdoodle that you don't want to hang over the end

Add in Sunflowerdoodle1 as a new layer, re-size as necessary, image mirror, use your deform tool to rotate and add a drop shadow

Erase any parts of the sunflowerdoodle that you don't want to hang over the end

Add in tag2 from the scrap kit, re-size, use your deform tool to rotate and position, add a drop shadow

Copy and paste in sunflower1 and sunflower3 for for however many flowers you want to use, re-size and position these towards the bottom of your working image, use your deform tool to rotate to your liking, see my tag for guidance, add a drop shadow to all the flowers you add into your tag

Add in button2 from the scrap kit, re-size as necessary, use the deform tool to rotate, place on top of the tag and add a drop shadow

Now add in your main tube, position and add a drop shadow

Add your name, I used the font Saginaw

Add your copyright and watermark

Layers, merge, merge visible

Save as a gif and your done!


Written by Noeleen (IrishLass) - 6th November, 2008