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Fairy Tales Noeleen2

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP

Artwork copyright to Cris de Lara

You must have license to use this work

You can purchase a licence from MPT

Scrap Kit, Pastel Days a free scrap kit by Kittz at Kittz Kreationz, thank you for sharing your beautiful work.  You can download the Scrap Kit from Kittz's site here

Mask WSL_84 by Chelle, thank you for all your great shares, you can download it from Chelle's site here

Additional elements - baby slippers, spinning top, alphabet blocks, bottle, duck and cat, star spray accents, included in my supplies here (these tubes were shared with me, if credit needs to be assigned please let me know, credit will be assigned appropriately or they will be removed if needed)

Plug In - Xenofex2, Constellation (optional)

Font - Kentuckyfried


Open up all your supplies

Open a new image 650 x 650, you can re-size later, floodfill with white

Layers, new mask layer, from image, and apply Chelle's mask

Copy and paste a paper of your choice

Layers, arrange, send to bottom

Delete the mask layer and merge group

From the scrap kit copy and paste PD-Journal Small.png as a new layer into your working image, move slightly down and left in your workspace

Add in PD-Tag1.png from the scrap kit, re-size and rotate by 90 degrees right and position

Add in a butterfly from the scrap kit, position on the top of the tag, re-size and drop shadow

Now add in your main tube and position

Add in the spinning top, some slippers and the alaphabet blocks tubes from my supplies, position and re-size if necessary

Add in a spray star from my supplies, re-size if necessary, duplicate and position both layers underneath the PD-Journal.png layer

I applied the plug in Xenofex2, Constellation to both these layers, 3 times, with random settings (I can't remember the settings as I forgot to write them down! sorry!) Apply the plug in to each of the star spray layers in paint shop pro and merge visible and copy and paste each time into animation shop, you can also add noise to both layers instead of using the plug in, it will work equally well!

Before saving in animation shop, select all frames and change the frame properties to 15

I used the font Kentuckyfried for my name, foreground black and background a paper from the scrapkit

Add the copyright and your watermark

Save as a gif and your done!


Written by Noeleen (IrishLass) - 1st November, 2008


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