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Buy Market Bunches. Flowers for the do it yourself-er, Save upto 50%. Debs Flower Market is set up now for any size event. Bulk Board Prices and Flower Choices are many. All sales are Final & taxible, 8.5%. Special items not in stock may require a locate and pick-up fee of $2 per bunch. A Special Events Rush is a fee based service. This may require extensive travel and locating time. (Fee May vary from $10 to $50.) Your Flowers in buckets and finished Product will be in our coolers ready and waiting for you, on time. Workbench space is available in our Warehouse. Cooler space for your arrangements can be arranged for up to 3 days. Cost is only 10% of what you spend on wholesale flowers. Spend $200 and it's only $20 to used our facility. Just bring your own tools. All supplies and containers must be purchased from Deb's flower Market. Just bring your own tools! Our calendar fills up fast for weekends so book early. All Pre-orders must be paid in full 2 weeks before your special event. If a Pre-order consultation is required and the flower order is cancelled, a $35.00 cancellation fee applies. This will deducted from money paid for the Wholesale flowers order. No refunds if flowers are acquired or reserved from our sources. Please come check out our extensive regular inventory, These Beautiful fresh flowers may work for your events. This means you will be able to use flower on hand. Our posted book prices are flowers on hand. This is the least expensive resource. Working at home? We can store flowers for your event from our flowers on hand at no extra charge. (24 hours before your event.) Just pay for them and we will store your flowers for you until you are ready to work with them at home. Early openings $20. Ask us about Cancellations... And returns. "Do-it-yourself-ers" Call Now and SAVE! Phone # 925-682-2837 "Floral Designers or Event Planners too" Call Now and SAVE! Phone # 925-686-1220 **** PRICES MAY VARY DO TO DEMAND AND SEASONS. PRICES HERE ARE A CLOSE GUESSTIMATION. CALL FOR CURENT PRICING.*****
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