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Southern Living At HOME Clearance  

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All items are stored boxed or wrapped to keep them dust free and are in a smoke-free environment

I ended my association with Southern Living At HOME and I'm selling all of these items BELOW consultant cost!

Last Updated: 10/13/2011   

Signature Terra-cotta Pots are made exclusively for Southern Living At HOME by Chester Hewell.
Hewell's Pottery specializes in unglazed horticultural ware made from rich Georgia clay.  It is entirely handthrown in a ten-wheel shop and then fired in a traditional wood-fired kiln.  It is handstamped with the Southern Living At HOME mark.

 picture of Terra-cotta Pot 6" Terre Cotta Pots.  Brand New.  $10.00 (plus shipping & insurance)  

8-1/2" Terre Cotta Pot.  Brand New.  $12.00 (plus shipping & insurance)     

 picture of 16-1/2 inch Wall Hanger 16-1/2" Wall Hanger, in box.  Brand New.
$10.00 (plus shipping & insurance)

 picture of 7 inch Wall Hanger 7" Wall Hanger, in box.  Brand New.
$8.00 (plus shipping & insurance)

 picture of Curly Metal Flower Marvelous Metal Mum.  Brand New.  Add a feel-good note in unexpected places with  this frivolous tin flower. Jazz up a corner or use them in a child's room.
$8.00 (plus shipping & insurance)

picture of Copper Cookie Cutter Flower Copper Cookie Cutter, still in plastic.
$4.00 (plus shipping & insurance)

Create a Candle, brand new. 
$4.00 (plus shipping & insurance)
   -- 4 available

1 Dragon Fly Napkin Ring, brand new.
$2.00 (plus shipping & insurance)  

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