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West Tennessee Contractors Review

Last Updated 7/28/12

I built my house in 2010 - moved in late Nov/early Dec.  This is a review of the contractors used.  Hopefully my experiences can help you choose a contractor or save you some headaches.

Would not use again

  Would use again

General Contractor
  - Loupe Builders, Selmer, TN - Notified Roger Loupe of problems by phone 2 weeks prior to certified letter and  7/29/11 by certified mail (signed for by Lisa Loupe (wife). No response so called again 9/1/11, said he did not receive the letter -- not living with wife, said he would come over next week.  9/7/11 - Roger came and viewed problems, said he'd be back to fix or would contract other subs to fix.  6/16/12 - problems still not fixed; 1/10/13 still waiting; 3/7/14 still waiting; 

  - Loupe Builders, Selmer, TN - Solid framing work.  If you have casement windows, don't have them install -- see Windows comment.  Exterior doors leak air and interior doors rub.  9/7/11 - Roger came and said he'd be back to fix door problems.  Did tell Roger Loupe that window company said frames need to be square for casement windows.  9/29/11 - Came to fix doors that rub. Will come back for other problems.  12/1/11 - Called to remind still have problems to fix.  3/37/12 -- still have not heard from him.  7/28/12 - problems still not fixed; 1/10/13 still waiting; 3/7/14 still waiting; NEVER FIXED and WON'T RETURN PHONE CALLS

Plumbing & Electrical
Pending Problem Resolution - Jerry Henson and James Surratt -- did not follow installation directions for special tub and have not been able to use the tub even one time due to leakage. 9/29/11 Came to again look at tub -- says can't be fixed -- needs new tub -- and said they (James & Roger) would install. 

Cable & Telephone Wiring
 Jeff Vandiver, Selmer, TN - doesn't return phone calls when you call with a problem; first discovered the phone lines didn't work work when I moved in, called and he ignored me.  General contractor had to call to get him to come fix the phones.  Then had problems with the cable wiring --same thing -- had to call multiple times.  Finally everything seems to work now.  (Note: He works for Direct TV and does this on the side.)  9/11 Update:  He put in the wiring over fireplace for a flat screen TV.  When it came time to install the TV (different Direct TV installers did this), couldn't use what he had put in because he'd stapled the HDMI cable to the studs (couldn't move it and couldn't use it to thread a longer HDMI cable) and it was too short at both ends.  Sooo I had to go buy 4 connectors at $17 each and more HDMI cables in order to be able to use what he'd put in to keep the cords hidden.  Note:  His Direct TV co-workers didn't seem too happy with him either -- says he doesn't return their phone calls either.

Dabbs Insulation, Ramer,TN - blown in insulation -- based on heating and cooling bills it appears to be working.

Safe-n-Cozy, Selmer, TN - fireplace is really nice.  Also got my garage doors and openers from them.  Never got instruction books for openers.  Also still need the rocks that go in the fireplace.  I've called and they said they'd drop off, but I'm still waiting.

Scottie Baugus, Savannah, TN - easy to work with and does a good job -- my sidewalks are curved exposed aggregate and look fantastic.

Heating & Air Conditioning
Brad's Heating & Air, Adamsville. TN (Brad Henson) - 3/12/11 - Notified Brad via email that the master bedroom is 4 degrees colder than the rest of the house.  4/3/11 No response so email again.  4/20/11 Brad responded that he would be out to check if the dampers were open and it was getting the airflow that is needed.    11/28/11 Brad never showed up and I never heard from him again.  Emailed Brad again in December that I was still having the same problem.  Got an immediate response that he'd be out later in the week.  Came and diagnosed the problem.  Came in Jan 2012 and added another heat duct to the master bedroom.  Now the heat is more even -- about a 1-2 degree difference.

Gas lines
  Pittman Propane , Bethel Springs, TN (Jamie) - good service and easy to work with.

Septic System and Grade work
Adam Plunk, Bethel Springs, TN - very easy to work with and does a good job

  Cheno Hernandez, Pickwick, TN - great job laying the bricks -- straight and no waves!

  Corinth Brick, Corinth, MS - delivered wrong color mortar, General Contractor didn't check it (even though I called them with concerns after someone told me it looked to be a different color) and brick was put up with wrong color (I was 500 miles away when this happened); Corinth Brick offered to stain the mortar or a monetary adjustment

  Vernon's Customer Cabinets, Bethel Springs, TN - cabinets look great; having some problems but I haven't called them yet to resolve; 12/1/11 - Called to say cabinets need some adjustments

Dry Wall and Finishing
  The Matlock Co, Bethel Springs, TN - left a huge mess (globs of drywall compound that we had to scrape up) on the concrete floors and tub/shower fixtures, but they do nice finish work

  S & G Gutter Company, Corinth, MS - very nice job on gutters and downspouts for steel roof; talked me out of spending money for gutter guards as they said the water comes off a metal roof too fast and gutter guards would cause water to shoot over the sides of gutters.

Johnny Williams, Williams Roofing, Ramer - good job on hip roof but lousy job on bay windows; claimed he didn't know any other way to do it.  Refused to fix.

  Pickwick Lakeside Nursery (Mark) - Bought 12 yards of black mulch from them.  They brought 4 yards out on a trailer and transferred the trailer from their truck to mine so I could move around the yard for easier unloaded.  They repeated this 3 times.

Lawn Builders (Tracy Carroll) - gave me an estimate in the spring and recommended waiting until fall (November) to lay sod.  I agreed.  Never called in the fall.  I called him week before Thanksgiving and he came out and looked at it again.  Estimate still the same -- said he'd be here the week after Thanksgiving.  So I rushed around to get the yard ready.  No show - no call.  I called him and left a message.  Never returned the phone call.  So no sod again this winter.  Now I'm shopping for someone else.

  Johnson Sod Farm, Counce (Ryan Johnson) - Prepped yard and laid sod a few weeks before Easter.  Did a great job!  Very easy to work with and showed up when they said they would.  Still needs to come back and spray the weeds that came with the grass, but I'm sure they will be back.  Love my zoysia grass!

  Ply Gem / MW Windows -- from Williams Lumber in Savannah.  I purchased their top-of-the-line wood casement windows with vinyl clad.  The windows are nice, but they were hard to open.  Ply Gem sent out a serviceman 8/18/11 who went through the house and checked/adjusted each window.  He said all the windows were racked -- framing was off and when window was set it caused the casement window to be out of kilter.  In his words, anybody can install a double hung window, but it takes skill to install casement windows right.  The carpenter who installed these windows had everything "off".
May, 2012 -- found a window that had a seal broken.  Notified Williams Lumber and someone from Ply Gem came out to look.  Agreed to replace the window.  Came about a month later and replaced the window.

NOTE:  I should have notified general contractor of problems earlier, but my Mom had a stroke and became bedbound at the time we moved here.  I had my hands full taking care of her at home.  So the house fell far down on my priority list.  And Lisa Loupe told me the last time I saw/heard from her (December 2010) that they would take care of any problems I found.

Other contractors

Keith Sellers, Lakeside Sales Company - came out and gave an estimate for gutters, downspouts, and gutter guards, then when I called him to do the work, he would never call me back

Integrity Landscape & Stone, Corinth (Ken Warren) - I contacted them in the spring and Ann Carter came out 6/10, we marked out flower beds & she sent dimensions to Ken for an estimate.  It took a month for him to give me an estimate.  He then told me it would be 3 weeks before they could do it.  I said OK & if it's going to be longer, keep me informed.  I never heard from him again.  In September, I hired somebody else for less money.

Other Contractors used since moving here:

 Kim L Clements, Spa & Hot Tub Specialist, 662-488-5512 - Can be unreliable -- says he's coming and then doesn't show or call.
Ladies... rather than trust - suggest you verify...

 Glens Repair, Selmer, TN - my Maytag washer transmission went out.  He came when he said he would (1/13/12) to diagnose, discussed options with me.  I elected to repair.  He ordered the part and again came when he said he would (1/20/12) and made the repair.  After he left, I washed several loads and noticed water on the floor.  I called and he came back out to find and fix the problem.  Had to return several times, but eventually fixed the problem.  



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