Longaberger Baskets and WoodCrafts

Features and Benefits

Each Basket is Handcrafted - The Basketmakers take pride in every basket they weave.  They sign and date the bottom on each basket they make.

Baskets and WoodCrafts Dividers and Lids are made of Hardwood  Maple - High quality maple is selectively harvested from forests in midwestern and northeastern states.  In the baskets, you'll notice variations in color, fine cracks and slight imperfections.  This is normal when using solid hardwood maple.

WoodCrafts Dividers add Versatility and Style - All dividers are made of hardwood maple.  The Cracker and Bread Dividers feature a cut-out of the four petal motif.  Some dividers come apart and cn be used to make different sections for the baskets.

WoodCrafts have Quality Features - The wood is tested for stress and moisture content.  Lids are hand sanded and rubbed free of blemishes.  Wood is cut into strips and sorted so age rings alternate of each piece.

Burned-In or Stamped with Logo - The Longaberger® logo is burned in the basket bottom and is a sign of authenticity and quality.  The WoodCrafts products are stamped with the Longaberger® WoodCrafts logo.

Caring For Longaberger® Baskets and WoodCrafts

Baskets:  Gentle dust the basket with a soft, dry brush.  Do not soak or spray it with water or store it in a damp place.  Keep your basket away from air vents or direct sunlight to prevent it from becoming too dry.

WoodCrafts: Periodically, clean with furniture polish and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

NOTE:  These are recommended care procedures.  This web site owner is not responsible for any damages.

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