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Deb's Beany Babies

ALL are mint, with tags, and in a smoke-free environment.

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I'm moving and would love to sell most of this before I move.
Buy before June 30, 2010 and take 10% off the price listed.

Price includes shipping:
Insurance is extra

$10 each (purchase 1)
$8 each (purchase 2)
$6 each (purchase 3 or more)

picture of Blizzard Blizzard, DOB: 12-12-96, (2 available)  
In the mountains, where it's snowy and cold
Lives a beautiful tiger, I've been told
Black and white, she's hard to compare
Of all the tigers, she is most rare!

picture of Bongo Bongo, DOB:  8-17-95
Bongo the monkey lives in a tree
The happiest monkey you'll ever see
In his spare time he plays the guitar
One of these days he will be a big star!

picture of Chip Chip, 1-26-96
Black and gold, brown and white
The shades of her coat are quite a sight
At mixing her colors she was a master
On anyone else it would be a disaster! 

picture of Congo Congo, 11-9-96
Black as the night and fierce is he
On the ground or in a tree
Strong and mighty as the Congo
He's related to our Bongo!

picture of Derby Derby, 9-16-95
All the other horses used to tattle
Because Derby never wore his saddle
He left the stables, and the horses too
Just so Derby can be with you!  

picture of Doby Doby, 10-9-96
This dog is little but he has might
Keep him close when you sleep at night
He lays around with nothing to do
Until he sees it's time to protect you! 

picture of Hippity Hippity, 6-1-96
Hippity is a cute little bunny
Dressed in green, he looks quite funny
Twitching his nose in the air
Sniffing a flower here and there! 

picture of Hoot Hoot, 8-9-95
Late to bed, late to rise
Nevertheless, Hoot's quite wise
Studies by candlelight, nothing new
Like a president, do you know Whooo?

picture of Mel Mel, 1-15-96
How do you name a koala bear?
It's rather tough, I do declare!
It confuses me, I get into a funk
I'll name him Mel, after my favorite hunk!

picture of Nanook Nanook, 11-21-96
Nanook is a dog that loves cold weather
To him a sled is light as a feather
Over the snow and through the slush
He runs at hearing the cry of "mush"!  

picture of Nuts Nuts, 1-21-96
With his bushy tail, he'll scamper up a tree
The most cheerful critter you'll every see,
He's nuts about nuts, and the loves to chat
Have you ever see a squirrel like that?

picture of Pouch Pouch, 11-6-96
My little pouch is handy I've found
It helps me carry my baby around
I hop up and down without any fear
Knowing my baby is safe and near.

picture of Ringo Ringo, 7-14-95
Ringo hides behind his mask
He will come out, if you should ask
He loves to chitter.  He loves to chatter
Just about anything, it doesn't matter.  

picture of Roary Roary, 2-20-96 (2 available)
Deep in the jungle they crowned him king
But being brave is not his thing
A cowardly lion some may say
He hears his roar and runs away! 

picture of Scoop Scoop, 7-1-96
All day long he scoops us fish
To fill his bill, is his wish
Diving fast and diving low
Hoping those fish are very slow!

picture of Squealer Squealer, 4-23-93
Squealer likes to joke around
He is known as class clown
Listen to his stories a while
There is no doubt he'll will make you smile!  

picture of Stinky Stinky, 2-13-95
Deep in the woods he lived in a cave
Perfume and mints were the gift they gave
He showered every night in the kitchen sink
Hoping one day he wouldn't stink! 

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