Clubknowledge has recently spoke with Deathead mainman, Singer and guitarist Chris Jester. The questions were deep and he answered truthfully and honestly. Read on for more from the thrash metal madman.

Posted by deathead on September 19, 2012 at 4:45 PM

1. Have you ever written a song because of a dream, if so, let's hear about it!

Jester: Not really from a dream but I've written from ideas from books. The most realized of those is The Thing in the Dark which is based off the novel It by Stephen King.



2. Your latest release is on CD, DVD, MP3 Online, All of the above or Other?

Jester: Its on cd and digital at least a couple places.



3. If you could put on a show anywhere were would it be?

Jester: Wacken Open Air



4. What do you think of our little interview system?

Jester: Pretty neat. I like the set up. A few problems with the email but otherwise pretty cool.



5. Do you or any of your members read music or tabs?

Jester: Tabs yeah. I think Mat knows how to read music.



6. Have you ever paid for advertising for the band?

Jester: Not really. We've done a few things but nothing on a large scale.



7. Are you looking to get a record deal? Why?

Jester: It would be cool. Im not looking to be a rockstar but if I could make a living playing music I would be content.



8. What are your plans for the future with your band?

Jester: We're going in to start recording our new cd, then from there its just bringing it to the people.



9. Which online distribution sites do you use?

Jester: We're on a few. cdBaby, iTunes and a couple others.



10. What is your favorite local venue?



 Have to be Kamikazes. Always a great time, good crowds and an awesome staff.

11. Most people will never know what it feels like to be on stage in front of a crowd, explain to them that feeling:

Jester: Its quite euphoric. Its something that words don't even describe. You just have to experience it yourself. Coming from a guy that typically doesn't like speaking it public its quite a thrill to go onstage.



12. How many of your band members contribute to the song writing process? Explain what each member contributes to this process.

Jester: Well there is only three of us. So we got two musicians and a drummer.



13. Are there any established artists with whom you would like to collaborate?

Jester: I always dreamed of playing guitar for Sodom or Venom.



14. If your band could open for a headlining act, who would it be and why?

Jester: Motörhead, Sodom or AC/DC. Because they are my three favorites.



15. Introduce the members in the band:

Jester: Im Jester I play guitar and sing. Mat Smith is on bass and right now we're looking for a permanent drummer but we're in the studio with our friend Ogre helping out.



16. Do you have a page on the web with your concert places and times? If so where?

Jester: Couple of em. and our reverbnation page.



17. What made you want to pursue songwriting?

Jester: It was a great way to explore the things in my head. A way to get out these things without living out the crazy things that dance around in there.



18. What genre(s) would you say your music is under?

Jester: Thrash metal with bits of punk black and death thrown in.



19. How many members in the band write music?

Jester: Two.



20. Name and describe your most memorable gig.

Jester: They're all mememorable in way or another.



21. Longest running concert schedule?

Jester: Lots of one off's. we've not had the luxury of extended touring.



22. Tell us about your worst gig and why it was so bad.

Jester: I dont know if we really had a worst one. we've had ones where things did t go right. Usually its things that are out of our hands and so we've just learned to roll with it.



23. How long does it take for an average song to go from a musical idea to a recordable song?

Jester: Depends. Some songs are easier to play than others.



24. If you could talk to anyone in the music business, who would it be?

Jester: Bon Scott.



25. When did you first start singing, what made you choose music?

Jester: I started loving music as a little kid. I got some Van Halen and ZZ Top albums and it made me fall in love. As i got older and discovered AC/DC and Iron Maiden it opened the door for even more.



26. Where do you practice as a band and how often?

Jester: We rehearse in our dungeon about once a week. If we have something big coming up we do it as often as needed.



27. Describe your typical stage show performance. Give us a hint into what we might expect to see are your show.

Jester: We aren't predictive. We try to keep a level of danger and excitement. I hate seeing bands that the singer says the same thing on stage every night or when they have the same set time after time. That makes things seem almost robotic to me.



28. So, tell me..what exactly, motivates you, the artist to write songs?

Jester: Anger mostly. There is plenty of things in the world to scream about. Being a guy in a band, I can't change the world but I can reflect humanity's own stupidity back at them. We are kinda like the nightly news, but with a heavy soundtrack.



29. Describe your most important gig and what made it so important.

Jester: Again, they are all just as important. To sahne that one was more important than the other would be undermining all of the rest.



30. What would you like to change about your city's local music scene?

Jester: I would like to see more bands working together. Instead of competition each band should help the other. Its only gonna pay off for us all in the long run.



31. You have been asked to travel outside the US or your home country for a good cause, do you go?

Jester: Of course. We had offers before but with guys in the band that wouldn't go. That problem has now been fixed.



32. What do you like most about being an INDE artist?

Jester: Freedom to do as we please. We don't have anyone trying to change our sound. Telling us what to put on album covers etc..



33. Let us say that you have been just signed by a major label and they say time to move 2500 miles. Now what, would you be able to move?



: With the music we do, I don't think that would ever happen. We could do the same thing no matter if wd were in the middle of Kansas. Plus with the internet it don't matter where anyone is.

34. How did you/all learn to play, self or school?

Jester: I was self taught. Mat has done a lot of different stuff.



35. How experienced are you or the band on the stage?

Jester: Its like second nature.



36. What you feel is the most important thing about your music?

Jester: We do have a lot to say. We're not just all about demons and monsters even though there is a bit of that too. Haha.



37. Are you signed to an indie label?

Jester: Not really. we put things out thru our own label called Chaos Inc.



38. Last stage gig you did:

Jester: Our last show was in Oct of 2011. We had some issues where we were forced to take some time off. Bones heal slow.



39. What is your favorite song on your current album?

Jester: Hard choice. Toss between Controlled by Chaos and World of Hate.



40. Who are your biggest influences?

Jester: AC/DC, Sodom, Motörhead, Venom, Iron Maiden, Possessed, Kreator. I could go forever.


Thank you Jester, you've been a great interview.


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