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Clubknowledge has recently spoke with Deathead mainman, Singer and guitarist Chris Jester. The questions were deep and he answered truthfully and honestly. Read on for more from the thrash metal madman.

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1. Have you ever written a song because of a dream, if so, let's hear about it!

Jester: Not really from a dream but I've written from ideas from books. The most realized of those is The Thing in the Dark which is based off the novel It by Stephen King.



2. Your latest release is on CD, DVD, MP3 Online, All of the above or Other?

Jester: Its on cd and digital at least a couple places.


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Revitalized lineup to enter studio.

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The band who is now working as a trio Will soon be entering the studio to begin the follow up to 2007's An Offering to the Gods. The guys will be announcing the new drummer shortly and when asked about the direction of the new album frontman Jester responded "I think this is going to be a lot more straightforward and thrashy. Its going to be a real meat and potatoes type album. Think of AC/DC doing a thrash album". 

As mentioned the band is now working as a trio after Terry Da...

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We are sad to announce that our friend, brother and drummer Chafey has decided to leave the band. He said that he is no longer having any fun with it and hs decided to move on. We are very saddened by this and he will be difficult to replace not only on the drum stool but also as a brother in arms.  We wish Chafe all the best in whataever he decides to do.                                       ...

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After a long wait, it is finally here. The band has unleashed The Thing in the Dark along with the art work for the single.

As of now the song will be streaming online only at while they finish up the B sides to the single and get it ready for a full release.

More details of the tracks to appear on the single will be available soon!

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Saturday February11, Deathead will be going into the Batcave with Tym Fleming and recording a new track. This will be the first song recorded for the new cd. There is more to come for what is planned for this track. We will keep you posted as the plans unfurl. Also check back here at for pix from the recording and more.

The Road Back!

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This coming Sunday the band will be having its first practice with Chafey out of his boot. This is very good news, keep your fingers crossed that it goes well and if it does, it means we are on the road back!! Beware!!!

More Deathead Radio Play:

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Deathead would like to give a thanks to The Mistresses of Mayhem and 103.9 in Butte, Montana for the recent support and for spinning Deathead tunes on their radio show. Every little bit helps and we're happy to be part of it all.


2011 Best Band in Salt Lake City Results and House Fires

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Well Deatheadbangers, the results are in, we didn't win first place, but thanks to all of you and your votes we took second place. That is still an amazing feat and we are proud of it, and can't say thanks enough to all our legions who supported us. Here is the article for it all!

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We need all of your votes, head over to and like the page and vote for Deathead for Best Metal Band in Salt Lake City. Deatheadbangers unite and show everyone what real metal fans are!!

New cd and broken feet..

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Chafey's foot is not healing well and he may be facing a surgery on it so we are still just hanging in there. On the good side the songs for the next cd are all written and we have been getting together and working on arrangements and different ideas to go into them. Once Chafe's foot is healed up and he can play again we will be working on getting these tunes recorded.



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