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Last modified: 1/1/12


This site is now officially deprecated and you should all be going to the new version hosted at google sites now!



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Past updates

Small updates...posted more of my songs up on soundclick, deleted some outdated info.  Youtube playlists get updated without updating this site now, so...

Happy new year!  Edited the Links section to include my formspring.me page.

Updated the Coding page to link to my newly launched projects site.  Yay!  Go there if you want to check out my release of KeyBlox, a Typomino/Typing Tetromino clone!
Miscellaneous updates here and there.  I've collapsed the "Contact" page into the "About Me" page, which made room for an "Other" section on the NavBar, which I'm leaving as a stub now.  Also notable is the fact that I've got a lot of vids up on YouTube now, so I updated some links accordingly.

First update in five months!  New piece up on the composition page.  The site is in need of a slight overhaul, but I'll probably get to that later.

New Tetris videos and records.

Finally put up the 1kBWC stuff.

New Glowsticking vid!

New Metroid vid--go check it out.

HUGE updates (finally).  Most notably the Metroid page has been filled in, and heaps of information on the Billy franchise can be found on the Coding page.  I added a 1kBWC page as a placeholder but that won't get filled in for another month or two.

Metroid page still needs to be done, and Billy info on the Coding page needs to be filled in, but I'm being lazy...

I tried to add a placeholder Bemani page today but freewebs told me that 20 pages is the limit for free accounts!  Crap!  Well theoretically I can consolidate some of the miscellaneous pages, such as About Me and About This Site and Site Policy, and maybe trash the guestbook or something.  So that gives me a few more pages to work with if I need them.  And I don't think I'm going to need -that- many more.  If things get REALLY drastic I could even resort to something shady like making another site (part 2) and linking to that but that seems ugly.  Anyways, so I don't really think there's any urgent need to redo/shift the site somewhere else.  phew.

Updates!  Lots of them actually, and they aren't done yet.  I was inspired to go and add some more content because I've picked up a few more hobbies, and because I've actually gotten a few more visitors lately because I've posted a button link in my forum signature for a bunch of message boards.  (to be continued...?)

Another new Glowsticking vid.

Another new Glowsticking vid.

New Glowsticking vid.

First update in two months!?  School is busybusybusy...

New song, my Zelda 3 remix, up on the Production page.  This song is insane.  Starfire might be better, but really, this song is craaazy.  I also won FLMC9 with it.
Also one new Glowsticking vid.  And I created the SSBB page!  Yep, brawl...

Happy belated new year, everyone!



Anyways, some new songs up on the Production page, including "Beatdown", which is easily the most aggressive breakbeat glitch processing i've ever done.
Also some new Glowsticking vids.

Combo vid of my falco up on the SSBM page.

New Glowsticking vid up.  This one's got ultras in it.

New Glowsticking vid up.

Well, the "lastModified" isn't working anymore (AFAIK it's because of some changes freewebs made to their server) so I'm gonna have to do that part manually now.  Small update to the Production section to reflect my current setup (I thought I did this already?  Maybe it didn't save...)

Two new cubing videos up, including my Negative Time Solve.

New song, "Starfire", up on the Production page.  It kicks ass.

New Glowsticking vid up (Lightswept session).

Updated the Glowsticking page to include info on Lightswept.
Minor updates to the Production page and the About Me page.

New short glowsticking vid up.

Crayola Crew Combo Vid up!  Link is on the SSBM page.

New glowsticking video uploaded.

New 2-player time trial high score for Tetris Attack, though only by a tiny bit.  I could have almost had another 1800 or so, but time ran out just before I was about to get another side-chain bonus.  fooey.

If you haven't already noticed, this isn't an "update-every-day" site.  It's more like, if anything new happens, like a new vid or a new project or something, it'll be here.  Or I'll just add more crap if I get real bored.  =p

New (unedited) vid up on the Glowsticking page.

Site launched!  I was having some issues with the navbar displaying properly but it's (...mostly) okay.

Almost ready to launch, again.  I just found out (through careful analysis) that freewebs really doesn't like you having images with "banner" in the filename--if you try to insert one into one of your paragraphs, it disappears, poof!  Lesson learned...

Got some preliminary stuff up on the About Me section.  Largely incomplete, but it'll have to do for now, until I'm more motivated to but other stuff up there.  I uploaded 12 of my songs onto SoundClick, so the Production page is pretty ready to go too.  At this point it looks like I'm almost ready to launch.  Hooray!

Yet more work done, this time mostly on the Composition page, which is mostly complete.  Still have to finish the Production section and do the About Me page.

A lot more work done today, particularly for the Glowsticking and Art sections (I just scanned and uploaded all the copy art and whatnot).  I still need to finish up work on the remaining pages before I can say that I'm close to launching.

Doing more, more work on all the pages.  I added a nifty little javascript thingamajig on each page that tells you when it was last updated.

Started work on this, news updates won't really be that formal until later.  blahblahblahyeahyeah

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