digimon chaotic destini

n e x u s

The Digital World is dying.

This should come as little surprise to anybody familiar with the Digital World. It is constantly experiencing a cycle of death and rebirth. This iteration, Terminus, is not the first. The difference is that it may be the last.

Strange things have been occurring across the Digital World. Data reconstruction is failing. Digimon that should be reborn in a Primary Village are coming back damaged and corrupted. Data is corroding at an accelerated rate, too fast for the normal process of restoration to take it back. Pieces of land are withering and dying for reasons that baffle the natives.

And the worst of it, the nexus of destruction, a place where data is in constant flux and twisted abominations break through the dimensional barrier to strike at the unwary, rests in a little, ephemeral island called Mirage.

Mirage Island is said to be one of the places that keeps the Digital World stable, where the significant power dwelling there belies its size and importance. Mirage is also a myth; very few from outside the island believe it exists.

Of course, you believe it exists.

You are here, after all.

p o r t a l

You require direction; we would recommend the following to familiarize yourself with the workings of the site and understand what you have available to you. You do not need to parse all of this at once, but we would recommend reading over time to understand our universe.

[ Starter Information ]
     If you want some information for how the game is played, and tips for getting started, have a look here. Recommended reading.

[ The Law ]
     Rules and regulations for playing the game. Required reading.

[ The Id ]
     Information concerning the game itself, from elemental properties to status effects to suggestions for how to play to making a profile. Required reading.

[ The Ego ]
     Profiles of player characters.

[ The Destiny ]
     The message board where the RP itself is held.

[ The Murderer ]
     Bestiary, that you may kill to your hearts content in order to raise your Digimon's stats.

[ The Swindler ]
     Shops, from which things may be purchased.

[ The Mirage ]
     Information concerning your new traveling grounds, Mirage Island, as well as all locations immediately within its dimensional space.

[ The Tome ]
     Lore of the Digital World. Includes a glossary for common terminology, lore concerning Digimon and tamers, information on viruses, and other tidbits not entirely necessary to understand, but recommended for integrating into the game universe.

[ Stray Worlds ]
     Includes information concerning the various side quests throughout the RPG, as well as information concerning the ancillary RPs associated with the game.

r a t i n g

The Digimon Chaotic Destini RPG is a text-based Digimon RPG. It does not operate with any actual game servers, and all interaction, roleplay, combat, etc. is carried out via the forum message boards. As such, most content is out of the hands of the operators, and in the hands of the individual player base.

The game is considered PG-13 for:
     . Objectionable Language, potentially severe
     . Violence, occasionally graphic
     . Possible innuendo, light