A 20th Century Woman

Fiction and Non-Fiction

Compilation of Escorts and Clients

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Now revised, edited, and new formatting. 2013 

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The Author Speaks Out 


Writing takes dedication and time. These books are written from diaries and are not as a novel would be written. The book is an accounting of escorting in the San Francisco Bay area from 1974 until about 1990. I am the author and the former owner of Professional Escorts which was part of the beginning of escort services during the 1970's in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

All my books, in the series, are written with a focus on colloquial text and a narrative which is honest and easy to read, but as stated before....the book is written as a diary and my attempt to document from many diaries.

D.E.Z. Butler @2016

Copyright for both foreign and domestic rights are exclusive to D.E.Z. Butler 

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