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This is a very important section and my favorite part of bit of the website, well I think so anyway!!  Some of these downloads are essential to improve your Think Tanks experience and some are just for fun

Visit this page often as I will be updating the downloads as often as I can with new stuff, especially as I get more into 3D object making.  Any new object that I make will be posted here for download.


Dazzle (UF)



Torque Game Engine User Guide - A must read before using TGE

Dazzle's Reticles and Reticle Spots - My own designs check em out 

Ishbuu and Art Crazy Learn To Script Series - Learn the basics of scripting

Hot Keys - Add this text to your main.cs to enable in game hot keys

3x Radar - Make your radar bigger, much better than the standard one

Zoom Radar - By Lonewolf, an essential upgrade for the serious player

Ignore Script - If a player just wont leave you alone use this script to ignore them, hey presto!!

IP Join Script - Now and again the TT server go down, use this script to still play online (you must know the servers IP address to use)

IP Join thread on PTT2 - Go here for list of server IP addresses and port numbers

Click here to go to the PTT2 Downloads Page - Loads of ThinkTank Downloads (Admin scripts and much more)

Chuckie Egg - Classic BBC Micro game from the 1980's, favorite from when I was a kid!!!

TT Background Templates - Photoshop and JPEG files for you to create your own customised TT backgrounds, for some examples of what I and other have made see this PTT THREAD 

Bridge - A new bridge .dts shape that I made for my Battle Bridge MOD, if you don't have it already download the shape and use it in your own MOD


Anti Tank Bar - A new .dts shape that I have made especially for beach war MODs see the picture below, download it and use it in your own 

Hangmans Noose - Made this for Crapblaster for use in his TBML 6.0 map


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