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Welcome to Dazzle (UF) Website


Thank you for visiting my site.  Here you can get the pre-download files for my MODs together with other useful files and things on the download page.  The links page will direct you to other Think Tanks websites containing essential things for you to improve your Think Tanks experience.

If you would like to pre-download the files for my mods select the MOD you want the files for on the navigation bar and follow the instructions to install.  When you have done this you will be able to enter the game.

Also check out the links to other Think Tankers web sites, many of which contain files for their mods, tank skins, and other interesting stuff.

I would like to thank all the members of UF for inviting me to join (as of  6 March 2006) the most respected, and dare I say it, most powerful army on ThinkTanks.  Its a pleasure and an honour to be amungst a group of awesome players, modders, skinners and above all nice people.  Big surprise to be invited in as UF Enforcer alongside GQShooter (as of  6 April 2006), thank you to UF members for putting your trust in me, I will do my upmost to forfil this position the best I can.  In August 2006 UF was restructured and again I thank the members of UF for voying me Vice President.

Since Jan 2006 myself and Canned Splam have been working on a new gametype called RollerBall.  After a massive amount of work we are now ready to release this game and we both hope you really enjoy playing RollerBall.  In the summer of 2007, because of a technical issue, Warfare has rewritten the RollerBall script and now it runs better than ever.  Over the course of 2007 I have also made 4 new Rollerball maps which have now been released (Nov 2007).

Have Fun Always

Dazzle (UF)

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