Rule the rail


Hi all somewhere to stick my Rule The Rail Stuff .

If you want to dload stuff I recomend right clicking on dload link and select open link in a new window. This will stop you having to go back to my web pages. I can not seem to get the links to open in a new window.

My email address 

This eimail is new from 26/03/2012. Alot of my dloads will have a virgin e-mail this will not work





Dave's quick pictoral on how to add models to RTR

Make Notepad the program to open the lists such as Xli, soundsources, itex, enginspots.

Rule number 1 Always backup any list your going to change!

Rule number 2 After editing a list you alway press the close button, yes, to save changes.

Were stuff goes from your new dload model. It's the same for any model made by any 1. Just different named lists and texture folders. If in your new model zip there is a wav file just copy, paste it to the main RTR folder.

Other list types. itex, soundsources, enginespots. All the info in these types of list can go in any list of the same type.